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Letters to the Editor

Keep Boyer a centerpiece of waterfront

I read with sadness the May 5 editorial, "Keep Toledo history afloat," about the plight of your museum ship, Willis B. Boyer, tied up at International Park. With her curved, riveted steel plates, black-painted hull, and Cleveland Cliffs' "C" on the stack, the imposing Boyer is the most beautiful of the ore boats today.

Duluth has its US Steel William Irving but this vessel has all the appeal of, say, US Steel. The Soo has the Valley Camp, a modest, workaday, tall-stack steamer that represents the many vanished ore boats that ran the lakes, bringing prosperity to the nation at large, and deserves preservation for that fact.

But it is the Cleveland Cliffs boats that were the culmination of Great Lakes ship design. The Boyer in particular, with her three-layered pilothouse looking like a pagoda, stands out from them all.

Contrast the Boyer with today's thousand-footers. They are efficient but have no beauty. They are basically motorized barges with computerized navigation systems. Even their deckhouses are hideous.

To celebrate and remember the Golden Age of Great Lakes ship design, the last Cleveland Cliffs vessels - the William G. Mather in Cleveland and your good ship Boyer - should be saved. Keep the Boyer front and center on your waterfront. Give me a reason to visit Toledo.

Steve Lindsey

Keene, N.H.

Wounded soldier proves his mettle

Lance Cpl. Corey Smith of Luna Pier, while serving in Iraq, was hit by a mortar shell last Sept. 11 and sustained severe injuries.

In the middle of a year-long rehab regimen at Walter Reed Hospital, he drove himself 400 miles back home and arrived at my door wearing full military formal dress, and clearly in constant pain, for the purpose and privilege of escorting my impressionable daughter to her senior prom.

The spirit of '76 lives on.



Many TPS workers live outside district

Toledo school board member Steven Steel said, "Part of a commitment to a district is not just cerebral and intellectual, it's tangible, it's where you live, it's where you choose to invest in property."

Mr. Steel might want to check the "commitment" from the many employees TPS has who do not live in the district. In fact, one executive lives in Michigan, right over the line. His kids attended Michigan schools. He is one of many administrators for TPS who didn't send his kids to TPS or didn't "invest in property" in the district. There are many others.

Committed? Yes - to their paycheck. Mr. Steel might want to start using his own "cerebral" intellect for the good of the children.

Scott Horen

Densmore Drive

Do Democrats have something to hide?

In recent weeks, Democrats have twice reneged on commitments to have a debate hosted by Fox News channel. The Republicans recently held a debate on MSNBC hosted by Chris Matthews, certainly one of the most liberal pundits on one of the most liberal "news" networks.

It would seem that Republicans are fearlessly reaching out to the opposition, while Democrats have something to hide.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Brian K. Meyers


Success still based on gender, looks

The "good-old-boy" network is surely thriving in our area. An April 29 business section article on payouts and perks for area top executives reported that out of at least 80 people featured, only one was a woman.

No wonder there's a brain drain around here. Apparently, women stand little chance of rising to the top. Also, all the photos were of white men. Where are the minorities?

Outrageously and obviously, success is still based on appearance: male, white, tall and average/good-looking.

Rebecca Sebring-Huerta

Marvindale Drive

'Average Joe' Mugs deserves kudos

Thanks to sports writer Mark Monroe and his "In their words" article about Dale Mugler.

It's nice to see one of us Average Joes appreciated and respected for a job well done. Too many times these days we get wrapped up with the "celebrity" sports figures and their ridiculous salaries and attitudes - when there are so many unrecognized people like Mugs, behind the scenes helping make sports what it is today.

I have known Mugs for over 30 years dating back to when he was a pretty good shortstop on our softball team.

I remember back a few years ago, I took my two daughters to a Storm game. Mugs saw them in the stands and tossed them each an old, beat-up practice puck as he drove by on the Zamboni.

The girls treasured those pucks as if they were home run balls off the bat of Barry Bonds. (They probably still have them in a box in my basement with their collection of childhood memories.)

I salute Mugs for doing such a great job over the years!

Dale Gibson


Sarantou essay hits the nail on the head

City Councilman George Sarantou's May 3 commentary piece should be required reading for all citizens of Toledo.

It must be quite a challenge to continually defend the budget when the majority of our citizens have little grasp of how the funds are collected and distributed.

I will gladly pay my fair share, including the trash fee, to maintain the level of services I enjoy from the City of Toledo.

Susan Comes

Cherrylawn Drive

Elkhart, Ind., hosts world-class jazz fest

Chris Borrelli's May 9 article, "Sound Bargain, Big Summer Festivals Offer Lots of Music for the Money," failed to highlight the Elkhart Jazz Festival, only 135 miles west of Toledo. It's one of the premier jazz festivals in the nation.

This year's three-day festival, June 22-24, will host more than 100 world-class traditional jazz artists on six unique stages - indoor and outdoor - in downtown Elkhart, Ind.

Attendees have the freedom to wander from stage to stage throughout the afternoon and evening sessions, which encompass more than 90 group performances.

Local jazz fans can learn more about this 20-year old, grand-scale festival at

Thomas R. Schoen

Birdie Drive

Opera is a jewel that Toledo must support

On May 6, my wife and I had the good fortune to attend the matinee performance of Puccini's Tosca presented by Toledo Opera. It was an incredible performance in a beautiful theater.

The Valentine Theatre is an exquisite, intimate hall. It provided the perfect setting for the unamplified performance, and the house was near capacity.

Thomas and Renay Conlin are to be highly commended for the combination of their excellent choices of principal performers and the flawless musicianship of the orchestra.

The Toledo Opera is a jewel that the city must support and keep shining brilliantly.

And the Conlins are the couple that will ensure this brilliance through their caring management.

Steve and Henny Johnson

Hudson, Ohio

At the age of 68 I was sure that I had everything in the universe figured out. Then the Toledo Board of Education needs a new superintendent and spends a year and invests many hours and dollars before discovering John Foley, a 30-year veteran of the school system, who has been acting superintendent during that entire year. Now it's back to the universal drawing board of logic for me. First there was the Big Bang, and then

Delmer O. Gasche

Morenci, Mich.

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