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Letters to the Editor

Strippers not an important issue for city

The "B-team" wing of the Lucas County Democratic Party has been very busy since the incident with the strippers on the golf course.

Lucas County Treasurer Wade Kapszukiewicz, who allegedly witnessed the "stripping," had a responsibility to immediately notify the chairman of the party, John Irish, or other officials that the incident was unacceptable. He even could have escorted the individuals off the course. Instead, he and City Councilman Joe McNamara made a media event of the fiasco.

What can CNN or any other media outlet do for the Lucas County Democratic Party or the residents of the City of Toledo or Lucas County?

We have far more important issues facing our city that residents are unhappy with.

The opportunity to attack the party chairman has been irresistible to some individuals in the so-called "A-team" camp. A question of integrity and maturity exists for these officials; are they really interested in the success of the party and quality leadership, or are their egos getting in the way of sound judgment?

John Irish does not have to resign. He was duly elected by the county Democratic central committee and that is the only body that can remove him. From what I have heard, there is no intention to seek his removal. He has served us well.

June Boyd

Downing Avenue

Leaders should quit over golf blunder

The Democratic Party may have a female as its candidate for president. Lucas County has a female member in the House of Representatives.

Lucas County also has a Democratic chairman who thought it was a fine idea to hire female strippers for an outing held under the auspices of the party. I firmly believe it is time for the party's chairman, John Irish, and executive director, Domenic Montalto, to resign.

Just how many women voters do these men think they will be able to sway when such blatant disrespect for our sex is so obvious?

The party simply cannot afford these unpardonable blunders.

Suzanne Dennis

121st Street

Democrats ought to settle differences

I, for one, am positively fed up with the news coming out of Toledo and Lucas County regarding the stripper scandal. It seems to me that there should be more pressing and important issues for city and county leadership to be dealing with than the events that took place weeks ago. Yes, it was an embarrassment. However, shouldn't these issues be assessed and handled internally as they would in any corporation or business?

Playing politics in the media is a game that must end, and it must end immediately as its getting tough to open up The Blade every morning to read what City Councilmen Frank Szollosi and Joe McNamara have to gripe about.

Settle your differences and let's focus on making Toledo and Lucas County better places to live, work, and play. Perhaps this would end the brain drain?

Keith R. Godfrey


Mayor's response was disappointing

I'm disappointed in Mayor Carty Finkbeiner's lack of leadership on the issue of City Councilman Joe McNamara calling for Democratic Party chairman John Irish's resignation over impropriety at a golf fund-raising event. The question that was asked of the mayor by the media had nothing to do with whether or not it was the wrong time or place for such a debate to occur, but what his was position on the matter.

The mayor's nonanswer won't fly with any Toledoan who has the least bit of common sense. People couldn't care less whether or not Mr. McNamara picked a bad time or place. The mayor himself doesn't follow procedure when he's on the warpath.

The mayor failed to address the substance of Mr. McNamara's argument, regardless of how, where, when, and why he made those charges against Mr. Irish. The councilman made certain claims. Mr. Finkbeiner either agrees or disagrees with Mr. McNamara. If the buck really stops at his desk as it should, then he owes citizens an answer and the councilman an apology, no matter what may follow.

In my opinion, Mr. Finkbeiner blew an opportunity for statesmanship. Instead, he in effect said that Mr. McNamara was out of line, therefore, his argument is false. What a cop-out, especially for a strong mayor. Mr. Finkbeiner's line of reasoning is fallacious because it does not follow logically. It is possible the councilman was wrong in not following a procedure, but right in his assertions.

Any high school member of the debate team knows that much about faulty logic.

Jay Ott

Egger Road

Party chairman's treatment is unfair

I strongly disagree with City Councilman Joe McNamara's request for the resignation of John Irish as party chairman. Anyone who has dedicated more than 20 years to the local Democratic Party does not deserve this unfair treatment. I worked closely with Mr. Irish on a political campaign for many months. Mr. Irish is an accomplished professional, and he always treated the female campaign workers with the utmost respect. I have observed him grapple with a full range of responsibilities and execute his duties with skill and intelligence.

Twenty years of hard work should not be overshadowed by one minor mistake. Mr. Irish apologized, the event is over, it won't happen again, and it is time to move forward.

Teresa Graven

Fredelia Drive

McNamara's energy better spent on city

Will somebody please tell City Councilman Joe McNamara to worry about something more important than strippers at a fund-raiser? Really, who cares? How about putting all this energy into doing something to better the community?

Allen Hasty

Belmar Avenue

Strippers allow their own objectification

So, the latest squabble within the Democratic Party is over strippers being at their golf outing and the objectification of women. Didn't these women allow themselves to be objectified when they chose their profession? If this is the highest priority issue facing Toledo and Lucas County, then I say we are all in trouble.

My only surprise is that City Councilman Frank "I'll do anything to get my name in the paper" Szollosi has been conspicuously absent.

Dan North

Sylvania Township

Where's Finkbeiner on golfing debacle?

You'd think the sheer outrageousness of the "strippers at the golf course" debacle would get Mayor Finkbeiner into full tantrum mode. But no, we're not hearing a peep from the mayor's office. So the rest of us need to join Democrats Wade Kapszukiewicz and others in demanding the resignation of John Irish and his team.

The Democratic Party is on a roll. From winning the Congress in 2006, to electing a promising new governor in Ohio, to gaining an excellent shot at the White House in 2008, America is increasingly turning to our party's ideas, ideals, and leadership.

The last thing we need in Toledo is a bunch of sexist, out-of-touch knuckleheads in charge as we run up to the most important election since 1932.

We are fortunate to have outstanding Democrats such as U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, state Rep. Peter Ujvagi, and state Sen. Teresa Fedor representing us. The rank-and-file membership of the Lucas County Democratic Party shouldn't let such fine leaders' names be sullied by infantile behavior from its so-called leaders.

Tom Barden

Kenwood Boulevard

Oh, those Democrats. What a fun bunch. Was that a "fund-raiser" or a "fun-raiser?"

I bet "Irish" eyes are smiling.

E.D. Taylor

Sturbridge Road

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