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Letters to the Editor

Tiffin paper keeps readers in the dark

Some might wonder why The Blade is so interested in the Seneca County courthouse issue.

I, for one, am grateful to see the dedication it has shown to this situation. It shows that The Blade truly is a regional paper and is willing to use its resources to uncover what appears to be at best a shady and at worst an unethical and illegal series of actions by at least two members of Seneca County's governing organization.

The fact that our own local newspaper and even our own city government appear to be unwilling and/or afraid to take a stand on this issue casts a shadow over their own ethics and independence.

I have learned that if I want to get any news and information on this, I have to find it in The Blade.

The Tiffin Advertiser-Tribune seems too worried about losing advertising money from local construction firms or upsetting a few one-term politicians to actually do its job.

James Koehl


No God in schools causes society decline

We have had another tragic shooting in one of our schools. This time it was in Cleveland. We have laws against guns in schools. No guns on school property. No guns within 1,000 feet of a school. No concealed guns in the city. Police patroling the school building. All these laws and yet our schools are not safe.

I submit that if you look at our schools you will see a microcosm of our society. No respect for authority, no respect for your neighbor, the removal of God from all public places, and the removal of all Judeo-Christian thought from word and deed. No prayers in school.

I also submit that as long as our schools continue to be politically correct and submit to the Washington politicians and the ACLU, we will continue our fall from God's grace. Shootings will continue in our schools. Our family foundation will continue to disintegrate. Greed will continue to be the bottom line for our businesses and our government in Washington will continue to fail us.

Rufus Wallace


Web site keeping us informed of levy costs

I would hope the citizens of Lucas County, especially those living in Oregon, take advantage of the new addition to AREIS on the Lucas County Web site. The addition of the "levy estimator" section shows residents just how much their taxes will be increased for each levy on the Nov. 6 ballot. What is of particular concern to me as a citizen of Oregon is the huge jump in taxes if Oregon Schools' proposed levy, Issue 8, passes. While the new school buildings are beautiful, I have raised my children and paid for their education and do not feel a $550-plus tax increase is justified.

Congratulations to Anita Lopez for keeping taxpayers informed.

Sue LaPointe


Is it possible for Mayor Carty Finkbeiner to stop spending all those millions for Reynolds Road restoration and use it for more police protection in the Toledo crime areas?

It would be a feather in his hat if he would do that. I, a former deputy sheriff from Monroe County living in Toledo, am disgusted at the way the finances are handled for our protection. Let's hear from other taxpayers.

Hugh Friar

Sulgrave Drive

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