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Letters to the Editor

BGSU arena must keep old atmosphere

As a recent Bowling Green State University grad and lifelong Falcons fan, the news that BGSU is planning a new convocation center alarms me greatly. Anyone who has watched the teams of Nate Thurmond, Antonio Daniels, Keith McLeod, and others send the place into pandemonium can attest Anderson Arena is a special place that provides one of the best home court advantages in the country.

Former coach Dan Dakich strongly opposed a new arena, knowing that BGSU has one of the best venues for basketball in the nation. The deafening roars at Anderson Arena create an atmosphere of excitement that cannot be compared to the sterile, funeral-like atmospheres at UT, Miami, Michigan, Ohio State, and most other arenas.

While I agree that BGSU could use a new arena, I can only support a place that will keep the tremendous environment by packing seats close to (or on) the floor in stadium seating rather than theatre seating. A new arena must keep the feel of Anderson alive - not just follow the design of "Generic New Arena X." When asked about the atmosphere after taking a beat-down in the House That Roars, a bewildered Tommy Amaker of Michigan said, "This is the first time we've played here. We're not coming back." Now that is home court advantage.

Luke Hodulik

Clay Township, Ottawa County

Part-time faculty not always detrimental

While it is true that academia's financial challenges may incur some loss of educational quality for students, The Blade's Jan. 26 editorial pointing to part-time instructors as a major source is misleading.

Universities are in the educational business and when they lose sight of that they eventually lose their reputation and students. As a business, they might have to make financial decisions that differ from past practices, such as using part-time instructors. My experience at the University of Toledo has been that most of these are retired, experienced teachers or new teachers whose enthusiasm make up for a lack of experience. They want to teach and find ways to get around not having the campus presence regular faculty have.

Questionable teaching abilities were usually displayed by tenured faculty who were side-tracked from their main objectives, such as research. Some actively discouraged student contact and denigrated students in an attempt to thin class size, not to mention assigning graduate students full responsibility for their undesired chore.

The ones disadvantaged by this arrangement are those part-time teachers who are shortchanged on benefits and job security. Yes, there are issues and my experience is limited, but using part-time instructors is not necessarily detrimental to the students.

Anne Kim

Ottawa Hills

Owens enrollment testifies to job losses

Owens Community College has broken another enrollment record and, taken at face value, that seems like wonderful news. It's nice that they offer many programs and are reasonably priced.

However, why don't we talk about the real reason that enrollment is up? There are no jobs in northwest Ohio, save for health care. By no jobs I mean no good, high-paying jobs with full benefits. Many people think that jobs like those are a thing of the past.

People with good-paying factory jobs are being forced back to school because the factories are moving to China. Unfortunately, many people are going to school to prepare for jobs that simply are not there and therefore putting off the inevitable. Believe me, I have tons of education, went straight to college after high school, earned a four-year degree, plus other educational endeavors, and I work in fast food.

Hopefully, for the sake of all college students, the 2008 election goes the right way (and I don't mean Right) but even then it may be too late.

Brooke M. Palicki-Tucker

Adella Street

Judge is protecting children in rulings

Three cheers for one of our newest Common Pleas Court judges, Stacy Cook. Pay attention, Lucas County, this woman is serving the children and families of this city by throwing the book at child predators and labeling them for what they are monsters.

I have read and watched with dismay as many judges sentence these predators to less time than the maximum or use shock probation. Judge Cook has shown courage by allowing the court to see her emotions when listening to these heinous crimes, and then not allowing them to "skate" on minimum sentences.

I have a feeling that Judge Cook recognizes the fact that child rapists do not rehabilitate. They need to be locked away for as long as possible. It's terribly disheartening to see the prosecutors and then the judges seemingly become anesthetized to the broken and destroyed children that these perpetrators leave in their wake, making deals, reducing charges, using minimum sentencing guidelines, or approving shock probation.

I would like to say directly to Judge Stacy Cook: Please, please do not, under the overwhelming burden of hearing these atrocities day after day, let yourself become numbed by them. Keep doing what you're doing because it makes an enormous difference. You are literally saving other children, and that's not a bad day's work, is it?

I can only hope that some of our long-time sitting judges take note of this courageous woman's actions and follow suit, and we need to start taking note of the judges who don't when election time rolls around.Keep up the good work.

Lynda Kuehn

Cheltenham Road

'Green' Southwyck could be its savior

I have given Mayor Carty Finkbeiner an idea to save Southwyck Shopping Center, but he has not responded either for or against.

The idea is to place a wind generator on top or on site. Produce power needed for the project and after the project is complete, use the power to control expenses for the tenants.

Solar power could be used in conjunction with the wind to produce a green effect in the area.

If Toledo wants to be known as the area that promotes this idea of reusable energy, it must start somewhere and Southwyck seems a good start.

I know Toledo Edison has a large say in what goes on in this city, but it is time for our elected officials to do what is right for the people and not just large contributors. We all live, work, raise families, and try showing off our achievements in the No. 3 liveable city in the world.

George Wagner


More should share scouting experience

I was pleased to find the recent story about the 11 Boy Scouts who attained the rank of Eagle Scout in a recent edition of The Blade. It was wonderful to find some positive news for a change. I am sure there were bumps in the path that were not included in the article, but that should not detract from the accomplishment.

Before we undertake another poll or consult more experts, I wonder if it would be a good idea to invite some of the people involved with the Viking patrol to come to Toledo to talk about their real-world, real-time experiences. There must be a lesson in vision we could learn from the sponsoring organization of the troop that gave it a place to meet and support its efforts.

There surely must be lessons in long-term patience and commitment. We might even learn something from the boys themselves about the skills they acquired to work with others in meaningful ways while also discovering things that interested them as individuals.

I hope these boys, who will always be Eagle Scouts, will excel in a world that has too many people who have missed the true value of Boy Scout oaths and three-finger salutes. Would that more young people could share this Viking patrol's experience.

Joanna Russ


When Congressman Charles Rangel (D., N.Y.) says that President Bush shatters the myth of white supremacy once and for all, his insensitivity and boorishness gives credence to another point of view.

By applauding these remarks, Liz Smith shows herself to be a true Hollywood icon, totally lacking class.

Bob Fink

Gracewood Road

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