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Letters to the Editor

Dad's actions warrant stiff consequences

Judging from recent letters, there probably aren t many who don t believe road-rage driver Randy Krell should have received the harsher penalty and grieving father Charles Fackelman the lighter. After all, it is argued, the ultimate result of Mr. Krell s actions were much more severe than that of Mr. Fackelman s.

While one can certainly agree that five months in jail versus nearly six years in prison seems, as one Reader s Forum contributor said, shameful, it must be remembered that Mr. Fackelman brought a gun. It is not the ultimate result that counts with the law here, it is the action itself.

While Mr. Krell s immature actions of chasing the teens resulted in tragedy, they are not, in themselves, actions of violence.

Unfortunately, Mr. Fackelman kicking down a door and confronting Mr. Krell and his neighbor with a loaded gun is, in fact, a crime of violence the

punishment of which is, and must be, much more severe.


Sylvania Township

As I read my March 9 issue of The Blade, I wondered if The Blade is not guilty of the same tactics that it has accused Commissioners Ben Nutter and Dave Sauber of using.

The picture of the Seneca County Courthouse that was used in the editorial and the current building don t look anything alike.

The building I see every day doesn t have a dome resting on a tower. In fact, I have lived in Tiffin for almost 50 years, and don t ever remember seeing a tower. I am wondering if this picture is in fact the Seneca County Courthouse

at all. Though The Blade accuses the two county commissioners of outpolitcking the voters, The Blade could be accused of simple bad journalism by using a picture from the 1940s.

By the way, if you really think Gov. Ted Strickland is going to provide $2 million for this project, you are sadly mistaken. How responsible would it be for him to do that when our state s budget is in the bad shape that it is?



The Blade s Two minutes to midnight editorial of March 9 about the Seneca County courthouse was most revealing. The editorial reminded us of the outstanding service The Blade provided with its tenacious coverage of Coingate and the shameless Gov. Bob Taft.

We also discovered that behind the journalism was an inferred quid pro quo that goes something like this: Because The Blade s Coingate coverage

helped put Governor Strickland in office, he is obliged to co-champion causes, such as saving the courthouse, that are championed by The Blade.

Maybe Mayor Carty Finkbeiner is not the only one suffering from narcissistic personality disorder.


Eastwick Drive

America s architectural heritage needs to be dealt with on a higher level than county commissioners and 15,000 voters deciding the fate of the Seneca

County Courthouse. Every small town in our country has experienced the same financial crossroads of preservation versus funding and cannot find the resources to do the right thing.

We as a nation have lost irreplaceable treasures because of this misplaced stewardship of our architecture. The higher tiers of our government need to emulate the European example of using centuries-old buildings and valuing each one in existence.

Seneca County may think building a new structure is a good alternative solution but current building skills make for throwaway structures that we pay for now and pay for over and over when we then repeat and rebuild every 20 years.

This is a perpetual problem that cannot be resolved by demolition of quality architecture and style.

Let s reach for the superior ideas that Europeans have practiced and not settle for shortsightedness.



My turn to weigh in on the Toledo Walleye. Instead of diehard hockey fans hurling octopi on the ice, I envision dead fish becoming the aquatic species

of choice making their way to the playing surface of the new arena.

Hopefully the stench of less-than-fresh fish will alert the sensitive noses of the security personnel before the fan s catch has a chance to navigate its way into the arena.

Toledo Glass Hawks, my suggestion for the Toledo hockey team s new name, fell on deaf ears. Glass, obviously associated with Toledo s history in glass production. Hawks, swift, agile, strong bird of prey.

I would lend that a hawk would appear more imposing on a team jersey, than a buttugly fish.


Ogden Avenue

Growing up and living in the suburbs of Toledo, I never thought I would enjoy living in Toledo. Four months ago, we moved into Toledo. With all the negative publicity that Toledo receives, I was a bit apprehensive about my children s education and our general well-being.

The last four months have been very positive. The education and involvement my children are receiving from Toledo Public Schools are wonderful beyond my expectations.

It has been easy and enjoyable to become involved in the community ranging from becoming members of the West YMCA, talking and interacting with our new neighbors and friends, and coaching baseball for a local parish.

The selection and accessibility of local shopping and attractions is fantastic. The city services have been great, even though I haven t had to use many, I am confident that if the time comes, they will step up.

Being part of a nice safe community is important to me, so I can honestly say that I am happy and blessed to be living in Toledo.


Eleanor Avenue

Wow, what a deal. Quit your job and continue to collect a paycheck of $6,666 for six months (more than a lot of people earn in a year). Insurance for six months. Good ol boys at work, again, taking care of one of their own. Get real, James Hartung. If I quit my job, the paychecks and the insurance stop.

The people who pay your salary expect you to spend our money to build our economy, not pad the pocket of someone who is not working for the money.

The day James Mettler stopped working is the day the pay and the benefi ts should have stopped.

Mr. Hartung, you have outlived your usefulness to those of us in northwest Ohio who work for our money. It s time for you to go. No golden parachute.



The presidential candidates all make promises for changes they will put in place if elected that they should have already been working on in their present positions.


Carmelle Court

After listening to all the talking heads on TV expressing their views as to how and why Hillary Clinton won the Ohio primary by almost a landslide vote after being counted out by most political pundits, consider the following logic. Her overwhelming win was due to three reasons. The first reason was Gov. Ted Strickland, the second, Ted Strickland, and the third was Ted Strickland. If anybody thinks any differently, then look under your pillow and see if the "tooth fairy" left you anything.



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