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Law requires executions be painless

I want to clarify issues reported in recent stories about Richard Cooey s impending execution. While Inmate claims he is too fat to die may make a good headline, the facts behind the story are much different. As his lawyers in this matter, we are not arguing that Cooey, under the right methods, cannot be executed.

Ohio law requires that executions be painless. While individuals may debate whether an execution should be painless, surely everyone can agree that government officials should be required to follow the law.

Ohio s execution protocol allows for only one set of procedures and dosages; it does not take into account individual variations such as weight, medical history, and vein access that impact the effects of intravenous drugs.

And that is the point of this litigation: despite Cooey s obesity, poor vein access, and prescribed medication, the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction has made no modification to its protocol to ensure that the execution of Cooey will follow Ohio law.

There are methods to successfully deliver drugs (lethal or otherwise) into persons who are obese, have poor peripheral veins, or use certain prescription medications. The state could choose to have trained staff available to place an alternate IV, and could adjust the amount of drugs administered.

But it seems those responsible for executions in Ohio do not care to follow the law and make adjustments for individual variations.

Medical professionals, including a board-certified anesthesiologist affiliated with Columbia University, have advised that executing Cooey in accordance with Ohio s current protocol will likely run afoul of Ohio law.

The state legislators who wrote Ohio s execution law mandated that executions be painless. When Ohio executes those condemned to death, is it too much to ask that it follow its own laws?

Timothy Young

Ohio Public DefenderOffice of the OhioPublic DefenderColumbus

I find it amusing that the local GOP is calling foul in not getting its candidate s paperwork in on time. The executive committee endorsed Jan Scotland on July 23 but still could not get the boilerplate paperwork into the board of elections by 4 p.m. on Aug. 20, 19 business days later, and now claims it s the fault of the director of the Lucas County Board of Elections?

The GOP, the very same party that touts personal responsibility and consequences of one s own actions, wants a do-over.

I don t think so.

Perhaps the party should take the fall 2008 election cycle off and just get its house in order.

Jamie Black


Shame on The Blade.

Out of all the pictures they could have chosen for their Sept.

4 front page on the Republican Convention, they picked one with Sarah Palin s tongue sticking out.


Golfgate Drive

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