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Muslims too silent about Mumbai

Vengeful militancy has struck the humanity again, this time the target being Mumbai (Bombay) - India's financial capital.

The well-choreographed and consummately executed mayhem has left more than 175 people dead, painting Islam as a monster religion hell-bent on destroying the globe.

While the world watched in total disbelief the swift unfolding of ruthlessness on train stations, a Jewish center, hotels and restaurants, I was longing for the faintest sign of protest from the global Muslim community. Alas, there was none, not even an imperceptible murmur. The silence of my fellow Muslims at the latest human tragedy is petrifying, equivalent to collusion and has left me angry and disillusioned.

The types of weapons and the communication networks used in the latest attack signals a heightened level of sophistication attained by relatively young people.

Contrary to the vehement denial by the governments and society elders in Muslim lands, this proves that some sections of Muslim youth are on the path of destruction - self and otherwise. Al-Qaeda might have been weakened, but apparently it has been slowly but steadily succeeding in poisoning the minds of young Muslims. This supply chain must be cut at the very central artery.

Never mind the acquired material and technical sophistication by the promoters and profiteers of the so-called War on Terror, no coalition of the willing, no unmanned drones and no cells at Guantanamo will be able to destroy or deter the new crop of fighters. Why? Because, there is no benignity about this cancer within Muslims and Muslims alone should destroy it.

It is time that every porous passage from Algeria, Egypt, and Morocco to Spain, Afghanistan, and Pakistan is permanently sealed, caves are blown, supply of food and fuel is cut, mules are slaughtered, and their blood is used to inscribe: Terrorists rot in hell!

Abdul-Majeed Azad


Discuss mortality with relatives now

My heartfelt condolences to the entire Lavers family which is struggling with emotionally charged issues. Their beloved daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend has experienced a grave injury, for which I am sorry.

In the midst of this personal family tragedy, I want to thank The Blade for the thoughtful chronicle of Heather Lavers' situation, particularly the information highlighting living wills.

Most of us do not want to think about the "what if" of tragedy striking our own families. However, not doing so leaves many people in situations where family members have different perspectives about what their loved one would want.

My life as a pediatrician, mother, daughter, and spouse has led me to initiate discussions about what constitutes a meaningful life.

During the course of my career, I have had the honor of listening to parents of infants, school-aged children, and young adults, as well as the young ones themselves, talk about what matters most and how much is too much. My own family circumstances have called for these same conversations.

Terry Schiavo and now Heather Lavers remind us that we do need to face the inevitable: our own and our loved ones' mortality. Unexpected life-threatening illness and death are part of our human experience. Having these conversations now allows us to express to ourselves and others what matters to us most in health and in sickness that can transition to death.

I invite everyone to have these conversations with family and your physicians, who advise us about our health. As I reflect on what matters most to me and listen to my husband, sons, and mother do the same, we relax knowing that we have been heard and respected and our desires will be remembered and followed.

Pam Oatis, MD

Medical director,

Ethics and Palliative Care

St. Vincent Mercy Children's Hospital

GOP deserved more of a landslide defeat

A recent U.S. News and World Report article was headlined "How Tom Daschle Might Kill Conservatism." It included a reference to an old Republican blueprint for "health savings accounts."

Health savings accounts are/were a good policy idea that has gathered dust far back in the neocon/plutocrat closet. President Bush and his minions chose imperialism in foreign policy and neglect in domestic policy.

Tom Daschle killing conservatism? What a hoot! Conservatism in America has been dead for so long that it stinks to high heaven. Paul Craig Roberts had it exactly right some time back when he wrote "(This) is what is at stake in the November election. As bad as Obama is on important issues, his election will signal rejection of the tyranny to which the Republicans are committed."

Richard Nixon was the George Washington of faux conservatism and George Bush is its Herbert Hoover. I voted for the Democratic candidate this year, the first time since casting my ballot for John F. Kennedy.

I shall continue to vote Democrat until the Republican Party disappears and is replaced by a new, true conservative party - should God grant me that many years and that opportunity.

At the moment I have only two disappointments arising from the election.

The Clintons appear destined to haunt us like the political vampires that they are and the Republicans did not suffer the landslide defeat that they so richly deserved.

Gerald T. Carter

Rambo Lane

Bush has been an honorable chief

Thank you, President Bush, for your steadfast, honorable leadership of our nation during your two terms.

Our nation has been kept free of further attacks while our soldiers have been under your leadership as commander and chief. There is great hope in the Middle East, and a new democracy and ally in Iraq exists today. After Sept. 11, 2001, you used proven market principals that quickly restored our economy to great prosperity.

You have kept your commitment to marriage a blessed example for us by honoring First Lady Laura Bush. Your unwavering commitment to unborn children and your faith in Christ are evident through your walking the talk.

When President-elect Barack Obama and his family came to the White House, you warmly welcomed them, and you are going out of your way to make the transition smooth. The presidency has been honored by your kindness, compassion, integrity, and class.

You are humble and never complain about the horrible way you have been treated by the liberals and media. I hope President-elect Obama goes out of his way to work with conservatives the way that you honored the Democrats. I pray that President Obama chooses to honor the presidency by protecting our Constitution, unborn life, our military, marriage, and our dynamic capitalist system.

Tim Mohler


Joe's only crime was to query candidate

Was the Democratic Party's opposition to the Patriot Act purely politically motivated? Gov. Ted Strickland may have proved this week that it was.

Democrats for years have stood in opposition to the President and his staunch support for the Patriot Act, claiming that it was an invitation for Big Brother to spy on average citizens. Apparently, it is all right to spy if you are a member of the Democratic Party and you are spying on an average citizen who may stand in the way of getting your party's candidate elected.

As a side note, does anyone doubt for a moment that if the roles were reversed and Joe the Plumber (a white male) investigated Helen Jones-Kelley (an African-American female), that the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be protesting on the streets of Ohio until Joe the Plumber was fired?

Again, what was Joe's crime? He dared to ask an unapproved question of the Democratic Party's anointed one.

Steve Whitlow

River Road

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