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Scripture, science can coincide

The Blade recently had an article that touched on evolution and academia. As usual, Christians were associated with some sort of fundamentalist creationism.

But I am a Christian who completely accepts evolution by natural selection.

A literal reading of Genesis says that the world is flat and the sky is a great big bowl that sits upside down on top of us.

I don't believe that scientifically, but I do believe it poetically. I don't think this biblical poetry requires us to be against the roundness of our planet or the process of evolution.

Evolution is rejected by some Christians because it is understood to have no direction and to be based solely on violent competition. These are misconceptions.

In fact, there is a direction in evolution. Life expands to fill available niches. This means we have seen greater diversity and complexity over time.

So we have come from single cells to multiple cells, from sea to land, and from unconscious to conscious. We can even now be religious!

Likewise, cooperation has been a huge part of the success of many species including our own. Natural selection is as much about who cooperates well as it is with who fights well. And getting along is my hope for our future.

So for me and many other people like me, there is no reason to reject the poetry of scripture, or the science of evolution by natural selection.

Remember us when you write about faith and science.

Ed Heilman

Pastor, Park United Church of Christ

Harvard Boulevard

As a Catholic, I welcome any investigation into any Catholic entity that is not teaching the truth that was passed on down through the church.

Bishop Blair was picked by the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith to investigate the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and their adherence to doctrine.

Two recent contributors to the Readers' Forum have criticized the church for opening an investigation. One calls it a witch hunt while the other blasts Bishop Blair. I doubt either are practicing Catholics.

Rick Gaillardetz, professor of Catholic Studies at the University of Toledo, described Bishop Blair as "highly regarded" and a "promising church leader."

The Rev. Thomas Reese says the Vatican must have "great confidence" in Bishop Blair to appoint him to such a "delicate investigation."

If the Leadership Conference of Women Religious is teaching something other than doctrine, the church has the responsibility to investigate.

Too many times we see groups and institutions that claim to be Catholic going against Catholic teaching and doctrine.

I would encourage all Catholics to speak out for the church.

If we remain quiet, then all we can expect is more unjust criticism against the church and all those who bring the truth of the Gospel to us.

Thomas E. Rawlins

Glenbrook Avenue

After hearing suggestions that city refuse workers watch out for suspicious activity on their routes and report it to the police, it took a while to sink in.

I agree that not only refuse workers could do this, but that all city employees who travel throughout the city during their workday could be trained on what to look for and report it as well.

This is not to replace the police and other city personnel who have been laid off but is a great idea that should have been put into effect all along. Is this any different than a neighborhood watch program?

I don't believe it is any different when city employees are working the same areas each week and may spot crime as it is happening or see something "out of place."

I am also not against them receiving recognition for their efforts either from the city or sponsors such as the local television stations or newspaper. It never hurts to have many eyes helping keep to our neighborhoods safe. Now, even you can agree on that.

Dale R. Perne

Talmadge Road

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