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Letters to the Editor

Benefits of bio-fuels dubious

I would like to correct a statement by Tina Miller, a registered dietitian with Meijer's supermarkets, in the Oct. 13 article "Tips for Tailgating."

Ms. Miller states that ethanol-based fuel produced from corn oil creates "fewer toxins" than propane. This is absolute rubbish, and I am surprised that a newspaper such as The Blade does not have a fact-checker on staff with even a basic understanding of chemistry.

When combusted, ethanol - regardless of whether it is made from corn or any other plant material - produces exactly the same combustion products that propane produces (carbon dioxide and water). The only reason ethanol is considered an eco-friendly fuel is because it is produced from corn that was recently grown, and during that growing process - just like all other green plants - it sucked up carbon dioxide.

However, the eco-benefits touted by such unbiased parties as Archer Daniels Midland are somewhat dubious when you consider the fact that countless acres of carbon dioxide-absorbing rain forest around the world are being burned to turn the land into corn and soy farms, and the fact that millions of people go to bed hungry while we turn food crops into fuel.

Not a very good trade-off.

Susan Kolbush

Secretariat Road

On Oct. 6, The Blade, once again, took advantage of the First Amendment to trash the Second Amendment. More lives have been ruined or destroyed by misuse of the First Amendment than have ever been destroyed by the Second. Still, we vehemently protect our collective First Amendment rights to freedom of speech, religion, and the press.

The Founding Fathers distrusted standing armies and militias. The British had used them to trample the freedoms of the colonists. The version of the Second Amendment approved by the states in 1791 stated that "a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." To prevent a militia or army from trampling on the rights of the individuals, the collective rights of the people to defend ourselves would not be infringed by taking away the means of defense. In the Heller case in Washington, the Supreme Court of the United States affirmed that "the right to bear arms" is an individual right.

The Blade is quick to point out that the First Amendment is applied to the states and local governments through the 14th Amendment, but refuses to accept the same standard for the Second. The Supreme Court will now decide whether the Second Amendment will be applied nationally, as are the other Bill of Rights issues.

We all can agree that we need to punish criminal use of firearms against others and protect our people, but taking the means of defense away from law-abiding citizens just puts us all at risk. Punishing and endangering the innocent makes no sense.

Dennis VanWey


As a livestock and grain farmer, I would encourage everyone to vote yes on Issue 2 so we can continue to have safe, affordable, and local food in Ohio.

By the help of God and technology, we have the best and safest food supply of any country in the world. It takes a lot of hard work by many people. We live and work with our animals, plants, trees, and land to make it that way.

I also work in the feed industry and we try to make sure all livestock have excellent feed available to ensure you have safe food.

The livestock board created under Issue 2 will represent small as well as large farmers. We need farmers of all varieties and sizes to feed the world and offer consumers the best, safest, and widest choice of food available.

This is not about the local humane society. Most locals endorse agriculture. We do care about and for animals and we care about all voters and the public. Remember, we live our lives and patronize the community the same as every one does.

Vote yes on Issue 2. It is the right thing to do for everyone's benefit.

Betty Wiedle


Twenty-five dollars an hour for a part-time seasonal job plus employment agency fees equals how much?

Remember when Carty chastised Costco for paying less then $12 per hour? At the same time, he was paying less than $7 for seasonal part-time help.

Toledo has been trashed for 20 years, not by the administrations but by the people who put them there.

Ned Plummer

Hagley Road

While traveling on the West Coast last year, I noticed many signs proclaiming "Casinos are Weapons of Cash Reduction." What an appropriate comment.

Despite the bombardment we currently have from the yes side, I am eager to vote no on Issue 3 and I urge everyone to do so.

Diane Pretzer

Bowling Green

The thing I cannot understand about Issue 3 is why we need out-of-staters to build and run casinos here or anywhere in Ohio. Toledo has a long and colorful history of gambling, racketeering, prostitution, and so on.

Do we need some clowns from another state to tell us how to run a gambling hall? We all know the only winner is the one running the game.

Bruce W. Krupp

Imperial Drive

The Northwest Ohio Charter School Coalition, a group representing the issues confronting some 30 Toledo-area charter schools and more than 8,000 students, disagrees with the Oct. 9 letter to the editor claiming that charter schools have an unfair advantage over public schools.

In the spring, local charter schools made a decision to form a coalition to fight and protect ourselves. The various teachers' unions, along with Gov. Ted Strickland, tried to cut charter school funding by 20 percent and e-school funding by 70 percent. This budget-cutting battle is far from over.

State funding for charter schools is not equal to that of public schools. We do not receive local property tax revenue. If a student transfers into a charter school, local districts have 60 days to report the transfer and during that time the charter school receives no revenue to assist in the funding the student's education.

The letter writer raised concerns about accountability and oversight. A charter school can be forced to close after three years of academic emergency. How many public schools have sat in academic emergency for years and still are allowed to operate?

The writer says charter schools operate in a "cavalier way," but we are subject to the same laws that public schools abide by.

This is just another example of the teachers' unions refusal to accept parental choice and a charter school's right to exist.

Matt Zaleski


Northwest Ohio Charter

School Coalition

Summerdale Avenue

Several people have written letters to the editor implying that those of us who are not 100 percent in favor of government involvement in health care should refuse our Medicare benefits.

I will be happy to do so as soon as the government returns the “premiums” I have involuntarily paid (in the form of taxes) for the past 40 years, with interest.


Sylvania Township

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