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Letters to the Editor

Learn how women are victimized

In response to your April 23 article "Fostoria prostitute tries to proposition police chief:"

Women who are found prostituting in Toledo are often the trafficked children from our community whom we missed. Without intervention and services, these women are unable to develop skills and are relegated to work in an underground economy that lets them pay for their survival.

Though we understand the victimization of youth, we continue to treat women in prostitution as criminals. Even though there are not gender-specific differences in the law, women are more likely to be arrested because they are viewed as manipulating seductresses at the root of the prostitution problem, and men are viewed with a boys-will-be-boys mentality.

The only reason the woman who attempted to solicit the Fostoria police chief was a story is that she was a nobody who solicited a somebody.

The next time a man is arrested for attempting to purchase sex, let's put his picture in the paper and discuss his character.

Celia Williamson

Bexford Place

I was dismayed at the lack of knowledge displayed at the Goldman Sachs hearing by some members of Congress, including Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan ("Senators lambaste Goldman execs," April 28).

If I sell a stock, is it the stock exchange's responsibility to tell the person buying the shares that I no longer think they are a good investment? Of course not.

Yet that is the standard to which Senator Levin and others want to hold Goldman in its market-making role. Clients of market-makers have very different expectations and needs than those of financial advisers or wealth managers. Senators badgering witnesses doesn't change that.

I own shares of Goldman. When I sell them, it will be because I no longer think the stock is a good investment. I am not at that point yet.

Gary Gambino


The biggest fraud and lie told to the people of northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan is that WSPD radio is fair and balanced.

Richard F. Schell

Ottawa Hills

I can't put up with half-pages in The Blade's sports section. Leave out the dog report and let sports fans read a full page. Or at least tell us how to fold the paper.

When I swear in the mornings while trying to read the sports section, my wife asks what's wrong. I tell her that The Blade's love affair with dogs causes sport nuts to suffer.

Tom McGrail


In response to your April 23 article "Process begins for renaming Metcalf Field": The airport was bought in 1928 and named Transcontinental Airport of Toledo.

The City of Toledo bought the 515-acre airport on Nov. 25, 1936. It was then named Toledo Municipal Airport.

Tommy Metcalf started Metcalf Flying Service in 1930. Through his business and his training of more than 2,500 pilots for World War II, he gained national fame.

The name of the airport was changed to Metcalf Field in 1976. To change the name after more than 30 years seems questionable, but if it is changed, "Metcalf" should be included.

A. F. Welling


Glenn Beck is teaching us history by going back to the original quotes of our Founding Fathers ("Just who is Beck speaking to?" Readers' Forum, April 25).

I appreciate hearing about the truth of the beginning of this great country and the brilliant Constitution the Founders designed. Listen with an unbiased ear and you will gain admiration for this wonderful, free country.

Many Americans share my fear of losing this freedom by having too much government control over our lives.

Marge Smith

Lakeside, Ohio

A book I recently read about World War II described rumors that circulated then about the secret factories that built the atomic bomb.

Nobody knew what was made at these plants, but one widely circulated thought was that they were devoted to the production of the front ends of horses to be delivered to Washington for final assembly.

Someone should find the warehouse where these horse parts have been sitting for 65 years.

If they were delivered to Congress by November, they could be assembled and the completed animals herded back to their home districts.

D.W. Adair

Burger Street

I am overjoyed that our new arena, Huntington Center, is drawing major acts and attention to Toledo.

I was not, however, overjoyed that you insulted Elton John, who had not been in Toledo since 1993 ("After 17 years away, rocker triumphs in Toledo return," April 26).

You wrote: "At 63, he's a bit thicker around the waist and his vocals an octave deeper." That is not how to show appreciation of major entertainers who come to our financially strapped city.

Kevin Graber

117th Street

The governor of Arizona has ordered police officers to secure the border with Mexico and remove illegal aliens ("Ariz. toughens immigration law," April 24). Most citizens in Arizona approve and support this action.

Arizona acted because the U.S. government chose not to. President Obama attacked the government of Arizona, calling the law "misguided," and called on the U.S. Justice Department to ensure that no one's civil rights are violated.

But what about the people who live there? They have rights, too. Many fear the gangs, guns, and crime that have come as a result of illegal aliens.

This is another example of poor policy, poor decision making, and abuse of the President's power.Coming into this country illegally is against the law.

It is time for the federal government to defend the Constitution, its laws, and U.S. citizens. Gov. Jan Brewer had the courage to act.

The President has chosen not to act because he owes a big debt to the Hispanic population that helped him get elected.

Foreigners who wish to become citizens or be employed in this country should follow the rules and laws.

It's the right thing to do.

John Wieck

Pinestead Drive

Where did the writer of the April 23 letter "It's all the teachers' fault" get his degree?

I spent 40 years teaching in public schools in Michigan, the last 36 years at Bedford High School.

Imagine working with employees (students) who don't want to be there, refuse to work (you can't fire them), and are free to talk to you any way they want and you don't say anything back. Picture being trapped in a room for five hours with second graders.

I suggest the letter writer go into a school as a teacher's aide to see what goes on. He should bring extra money, because he'll probably have to pay for some supplies out of his own pocket.

Christine Vischer

Ottawa Hills

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