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Letters to the Editor

Find use for Libbey building

Wherever you stood on the issue, do not let Toledo Public Schools move quickly to raze Libbey High School ("Libbey High to be closed," May 26). Let a charter school lease or buy it.

The Board of Education has no use for it, so someone who has an interest in youth of the South End could use that building. Libbey has a fine heritage and fine, though rundown, facilities.

Though Libbey students will travel to Bowsher, Waite, and Scott, those high schools will not easily handle the influx. Let the building be.

Though it has no value to TPS, someone will see its value. Do not let them tear this valuable property down.

S.A. Strasel

Glenwood Avenue

With all the talk of school closings, layoffs, and cutting extracurricular activities, where is the lottery money that was supposed to end problems in our schools?

Since the lottery started, it has added all kinds of gimmicks to get your money. We can build ballparks and arenas, but can't take care of our schools.

What a tragedy. Where are our priorities? It's time to check the lottery for more money, not taxes.

Glenn Reamsnyder


I have seen three obese Toledo patrol officers recently. I wonder whether there is some concern about them, especially if they have high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart conditions.

Toledo taxpayers are responsible for paying for their health coverage and pension contributions. This also involves public safety.

What physical and health requirements must officers adhere to?

James D. Snyder

Edgehill Road

Radio talk show host Brian Wilson has left the area, but sadly not the Toledo airwaves ("WSPD host broadcasts from Va. as if he's here," May 27).

He has attacked Toledo, city employees, and safety services. I e-mailed him about his attacks on city employees, because as a retired Toledo firefighter, I took exception to his insulting comments. I was shocked by his angry response.

I stopped listening to his show, but I have been told he has increased his insulting depiction of firefighters.

I have listened to WSPD since I was a child, but I will not listen anymore until someone replaces Mr. Wilson.

Good luck to the people of Virginia. Their loss is our gain.

Robert Pflager


Ever since Brian Wilson left Toledo, I've noticed that the air is cleaner.

John Pavlica, Jr.

Elmhurst Road

I have the solution to BP's oil leak in the Gulf: Get someone over to the Netherlands and sign a contract with the Little Dutch Boy to stick his finger in the leak.

Sound silly? It's not worse than any of the other harebrained schemes we have been hearing about ("BP revises plan to stop oil spill as 'top kill' fails," May 30).

Thank you, Dick Cheney, for your legacy.

Bruce Maxwell


The opening day, May 29, of the Toledo Farmers Market flower day weekend was almost perfect, with warm and sunny weather, large numbers of shoppers, and festive music.

When we left at 3 p.m., my husband and I saw our car on a tow truck on Market Street. It seems we were in a private lot that charged for parking that day.

The tow truck owner said a staff person from the day care center that owns the lot on the corner of Erie and Market streets set up to collect money until noon.

However, when I arrived at 11:30 a.m. there was no one in attendance. I followed another car into the lot, happy I had found a place to park.

For my transgression, we were to pay $125 on the spot or go to Angola Road to retrieve our car and still pay $125. The driver claimed he was "just doing his job for the day care" and my car was among eight he towed that day.

That is $1,000 in towing fees. Is it any wonder people hesitate to attend downtown events?

Carol Culberson


A letter writer said that Crystal Bowersox lost and asked about getting real news ("Can we get news that matters now?" June 1). Exactly what did Crystal lose?

Crystal has won the hearts of millions. She won a new car. She won a record contract. She's won appearances on TV shows to promote her career. She's first runner-up in a Top 10 television show, American Idol.

I don't understand what she lost. Her boyfriend? That must be what the writer is referring to. As I see it, there are more fish in the sea.

Blade, please continue to let us read success stories. There aren't that many these days.

L. Stroh

Bowling Green

To say I was disappointed with the results of American Idol does not begin to describe my feelings ("Crystal tells disappointed fans future looks anything but idle," May 28).

Lee DeWyze was good, but Crystal did everything right. She did not bow to pressure to remake her image. American Idol gave us a chance to discover an amazing woman who has spectacular talent and can't be compared to other artists.

Crystal, your musical magic will transcend generations and bring happiness to many. You rock forever. I will make sure that I am front row center for your concert in Cleveland on Sept. 11.

Lee R. Kravitz


Wall Street and hedge funds should be aware that profiteering in time of war is treason.

We have been at war for more than 10 years. I believe there are many who should be tried in military courts and serve their sentences in military prisons.

To hell with the Securities and Exchange Commission and other do-nothing agencies. Many of the political hacks also should face charges of treason.

Gary Buck

Scottwood Avenue

I live a few blocks from the Alexis Road-Lewis Avenue intersection. Kroger has been allowed to build a gas station in front of its store on Alexis. Who in the city allows this?

There are three gas stations within 1,000 feet of this station, and five more gas stations within about one-half mile. Traffic in the area is bad as it is. Is there any planning when things such as this are considered? Does the city ask area residents what they think?

Maybe it is just another way to get tax revenue. Maybe Toledo should put in a few more red light cameras and hope everybody runs lights so the city can balance its budget.

What would we do if everyone stops running red lights? I know: Charge more for garbage collection.

John Bodner

Woodlawn Drive

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