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Letters to the Editor

Focus on exports, Mr. Mayor

Toledo Mayor Mike Bell's trip to China is a waste of time and the city's money (“Bell leads delegation to China to attract jobs,” Sept. 13). Instead of trying to bring Chinese businesses to the United States, we need U.S. businesses to try to increase exports of American-made goods to China and the rest of the world.

Many Chinese companies are owned by their government. Their first job is to employ the population; profitability is secondary. They will come here if we give away our technology at a bargain price.

Mayor Bell should concentrate on building a credible school system and aiding our university and community colleges to turn out educated, trained people in the newest science, robotics, and computer skills.

We must build a container port and support development of CSX Transportation's intermodal rail terminal near North Baltimore. This will put our inland location on a more even footing with coastal ports where export trade is conducted.

The mayor should come home to do his work, and support local companies that are export-oriented and have great U.S. products to sell. When you help solve the trade deficit, all of us benefit.

Donald L. Solomon

Brookside Road

Walton aims at funny bone

I look forward to Thomas Walton's observations on the op-ed page. His columns are not politically bent. Rather, they strike straight down the middle at our funny bone, making us smile, laugh, or chuckle.

Regardless of our political stripes, Mr. Walton serves up a periodic reminder that our greatest strength is our common sense of humor. Thank you, Mr. Walton.

Jim Darnall


Trickle-down never worked

Remember “trickle down” economics? That was President Ronald Reagan's tax plan, which sold the public on the notion that cutting taxes on the wealthy would benefit everyone because the beneficiaries would share their largesse with the less-advantaged.

At the same time, military expenditures increased. President George H.W. Bush found the budget in such bad shape that he reneged on his “no new taxes” promise. President George W. Bush, however, followed the Reagan model, cut taxes on the wealthy, for 10 years, and increased military spending to more than half of the budget.

The $230 million surplus under President Clinton became a $1.3 trillion deficit. President Obama must negate the Bush tax cuts for those making more than $250,000, so they can pay their fair share of taxes.

Does anyone believe that they are being punished for not sharing the wealth? It never trickled down in the first place.

Cutting taxes and spending more just does not work.

Edward Nussel

Sylvania Township

UT should back labor report

The University of Toledo Board of Trustees voted not to accept the recommendations of the fact-finder in our union discussions (“Workers vote on rejected settlement,” Aug. 31). President Lloyd Jacobs stated the report was too vague.

Those of us in the workplace had no trouble understanding the recommendations. It would cost the university about 1 percent of its budget to meet the terms.

The hospital has received new landscaping and updating. If Dr. Jacobs had refused his bonuses, that might have saved multiple jobs.

Our hospital is striving to achieve Magnet Recognition Status, a highly regarded certification. One of the major components of this process is creating and maintaining a climate that retains satisfied nurses. If nurses are paid about 15 percent less than nurses in larger markets, as the fact-finder's report states, an atmosphere of job satisfaction is definitely not present.

The university's upper echelon stands on the shoulders of those of us who complete the day-to-day tasks at the University of Toledo Medical Center. It would be gratifying for them to show appreciation and respect for our hard work by acquiescing in the fact-finder's recommendations.

Diane R. Hughes

Circleview Drive

Don't ignore third parties

Do political debates really help voters compare candidates on a wide range of issues?

Our organization advocates the removal of barriers that prevent people with disabilities from leading fully inclusive and independent lives. One barrier is political marginalization. Elections come and go without candidates mentioning disability issues.

The Ohio Newspaper Organization should adopt a format for its gubernatorial debates that allows in-depth discussion of a wide range of issues. Ideally, voters should ask questions.

Green Party candidate Dennis Spisak and Libertarian Party candidate Ken Matesz should be included. Because Mr. Spisak has children with disabilities, his exclusion represents silencing of the disability voice.

Moreover, Toledo is being silenced. Mr. Matesz grew up in Toledo and now lives in Bowling Green. Anita Rios, Mr. Spisak's running mate, is a lifelong Toledo-area resident.

We ask all organizations that sponsor candidate events or distribute questionnaires to include disability issues and invite all candidates to participate.

Jessica Weinberg

Advocate Grassroots Advocates for Disability Empowerment

Tottenham Road

Media would have borne blame

I condemned the planned actions of the Rev. Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who threatened to burn copies of the Qur'an on the ninth anniversary of 9/11.

But why was it ever news? If he had said he had been abducted by aliens, he would have been dismissed as a crackpot and ignored.

Why was this different? Why do the media repeatedly give an audience to those who least deserve it? If he had proceeded and our troops had suffered, let's be clear about who would have been responsible.

Mr. Jones' congregation of only 50 members brought to mind the age-old question: If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Tom Montgomery

Rocksberry Avenue

Old Fort teachers getting bad deal

The teachers in the Old Fort school system have tried to work in good faith with the school board on their contract, but the board has refused to meet with them.

I am not a fan of unions. They have outlived their usefulness. However, when teachers have been honest and the board ignores their requests, it is unfair to taxpayers and students.

The board has declared an impasse, which will require taxpayers to pay for an attorney. This is irresponsible behavior.

Perhaps voters should remember the board's actions the next time a levy is requested or board members seek re-election.

Our school was rated excellent with distinction, the highest ranking in Seneca County. This has nothing to do with the school board or the superintendent. It has everything to do with our teachers and their dedication.

Ed Kirchner

Old Fort, Ohio

Waite High is treated unfairly

Waite High School will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2014 as the second- oldest high school in Toledo. Renovations at Scott High School cost $42 million for 780 students (“Scott High restoration on track,” Sept. 10). The projected cost to renovate Waite is $17 million. It houses 1,150 students.

During renovation, students won't be housed in a different facility. I would like someone to try to conduct a class or meeting with construction noise.

Alumni have given millions to support Waite, and now are expected to give more. Don't Waite students deserve the same as other TPS students?

Brenda Bright Hagman

McKinley Avenue

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