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Letters to the Editor

Schools, crime send firms away

Your Sept. 26 article “Shut Down & Shipped Out: Factory closings rock the region as other states gain from our pain” misses an obvious and sad reason that many companies leave this area: quality of life.

A company looks at everything associated with communities in which it might locate: potential profit, a skilled work force, workman's compensation claims, taxes, and transportation.

Two significant factors were not addressed in your article: crime and schools.

As the chief executive of a firm, you want the best for your employees, their families, and their futures. You find that Toledo's public schools are not the best.

You look into the crime rate and find that it's not safe to patronize a mall or a convenience store, unless you're armed to defend yourself from attack.

Who's to blame for what in Ohio and Michigan has become an exodus of thousands of jobs? The answer is obvious, but no one will admit the truth.

Bob Dietrich


Your Sept. 25 editorial “Recession's effects linger” stated: “The economy can't really recover until middle-class Americans feel secure enough to begin spending again.” That makes sense. You say that the way to make them feel more secure is jobs. That makes sense.

Then you go into your upside-down thinking about how to accomplish that: by extending tax cuts for just the middle class, which really means no lower taxes for those who already pay taxes. How does that add to consumer spending?

Then you want to extend President Obama's child tax credit and the earned income tax credit. This may help weather the storm for low-income families, but when does the storm end? Who has the political will to end the assistance, and what does it do to increase the buying power of these families sufficiently?

Why didn't one of the brilliant economists in the Obama Administration suggest giving every U.S. citizen a $2,600 debit card for goods and services with an expiration date of 18 months?

More Americans would feel the effects of the “defined” recovery than we do now, after the waste of $787 billion on mostly useless projects that cost as much as $1 million for every job created.

It wasn't about job creation at all. If trickle-up works, it could have been done with the $787 billion.

Jay Shenk


David Shribman's fascinating op-ed column on first ladies discusses the different roles they have taken on (“There's a new breed of first ladies,” Sept. 26).

One unusual first lady who was not mentioned is Edith Galt Wilson, the second wife of President Woodrow Wilson.

Often in my teaching and lecturing about the American presidency, I am asked whether we will ever have a woman president. My glib response is that in Mrs. Wilson, we had a woman president without the title. Well into President Wilson's second term in September, 1919, he suffered a massive stroke that prohibited him from performing his presidential duties.

From then until he left office in March, 1921, Mrs. Wilson guarded him, determining who could see him and which matters of state he should tend to. She studied all the papers intended for the president from his Cabinet and chose which ones he would see. She would decide what was important and what was not.

Mrs. Wilson's stealth about President Wilson's physical and mental condition resulted in few knowing his true condition. With the ever-present media today, and the 25th Amendment to the Constitution indicating under what conditions an ill president would be required to turn over his duties to the vice president, the “presidency” of a first lady will begin and end with Edith Galt Wilson.

Gerald Bazer

Carrietowne Lane

The “Mourning in America” ad is another attempt by Republicans to keep Americans feeling victimized and fearful for political posturing (“Whispers will be heard above the shouting,” op-ed, Sept. 23).

This tactic worked for the Bush administration to gain support for the endless Afghan and Iraq wars. It seems to be working in a cynical attempt to portray President Obama and the Democrats as evil, as if only the Republicans can save us.

We live with the trickle-down effects of corporate and financial deregulation, wealth-shifting tax cuts, the disfranchisement of the poor, and the loss of benefits and earning power for the real drivers of the economy, the working class, made popular by Ronald Reagan.

“Mourning in America” is an absurd and dismal reflection of the strength of Americans. If we are so hot to fall for the smoke-and-mirrors rhetoric of the GOP leadership, and if we maintain the policies that have decimated this country, then we deserve what we get.

Sally J. Keller

Sabra Road

Lake Erie is the worst green slop in 40 years. We cannot fish or swim in it. The water is so bad the treatment plants cannot manage it.

You print articles blaming sewage spills and farmers, but there is no mention of the turbidity from dredgings. How could you omit such significant information? Or were you just stirring the muck?

Vince Morgillo


I was amused by the Sept. 24 Readers' Forum letter “GOP ready to take over.” If the writer had gone back to read promises that President Obama made during the 2008 campaign, he would have found that the President has done exactly what he promised.

The economy under the Republicans had hemorrhaged jobs when Mr. Obama took office. The unsecured borders are the same as they were in 2001, when President George W. Bush took office.

As for Mr. Obama's background, I wonder whether the Bush White House asked the FBI or CIA to look into it. You have to be a fool to think that he was not vetted by the Bushies.

The writer seems to be using language from key figures on what I am sure is his favorite cable station, Fox News, and his favorite radio program, Rush Limbaugh.

David Harris

Valeway Drive

The Sept. 24 letter says Mr. Obama was influenced by socialists, Marxists, communists, and Muslims.

Maybe that is why we now have 4 million more children covered by health care, and women now receive equal pay, thanks to the Lilly Ledbetter Act.

Also, 95 percent of wage earners got a tax cut in the stimulus bill and thousands of jobs at Chrysler and General Motors were saved. Is this communist or Marxist?

Who will take over the GOP? A professed witch in Delaware, a Tea Party nut in Nevada who wants to eliminate Social Security, and a hate-filled zealot in New York.

Do away with regulations, as the GOP proposes? How about some scrambled eggs from Iowa with a tainted spinach salad? And give your cat or dog Chinese pet food with melamine.

Mr. Obama inherited a disaster and now he's accused of everything. Stay the course, and don't let bigots rule.

James Perine

Lima, Ohio

One woman gets 42 days in jail for cruelty to animals (“Horse owner to serve 42 days for cruelty.” Sept. 25).

Another gets no time for passing a stopped school bus and killing a Sylvania school student (“Driver admits causing teen's bus-stop death,” Sept. 24).


D.L. Booher


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