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Letters to the Editor

Backing TPS tax is outrageous

To say that I am appalled, outraged, and speechless that you endorsed the Toledo Public Schools' request for a continuing levy of 7.8 mills is putting it mildly (“Yes (gulp) on TPS tax,” Oct. 18).

Senior citizens who are on Social Security have had their monthly checks frozen for two years. Where are we supposed to find at least $200 for school taxes on a home valued at $100,000? Should seniors stop making doctor visits, taking their medication, and buying food?

Ironically, $200 is about the same amount as Gov. Ted Strickland's homestead exemption for everyone over the age of 65, regardless of income.

Sharon Zahn-Davis

Valleybrook Drive

No bargaining tool if levy passes

Shame on you for endorsing the TPS levy. Approving Issue 5 will eliminate the only bargaining chip that Toledoans have.

There is no commitment from the unions to reduce pay or revise their generous health benefits and pensions. There has been no discussion to close schools as a result of declining student enrollment. There has been no commitment to reduce administrators' pay and benefits.

Increasing property taxes will bring more financial hardship to citizens. What will happen when Toledo real estate values begin rising and tax collections increase? Let me guess: There will be big pay raises for “deserving” TPS employees.

Terry Majoros

Belmar Avenue

Toledo schools have a lot to offer

I'm tired of listening to people complain about TPS. How many of these people have ever seen the inside of one of our schools?

I'm a proud TPS graduate and the proud parent of three TPS students. The school district works for me, and that includes the superintendent, principals, teachers, and even the lunch lady. They all work for me.

I hold my children accountable for their grades, and you had better believe that I hold TPS accountable. Every one of my requests to set up meetings with teachers, counselors, and the principal has been met.

Other parents should stop blaming teachers and the district for their shortcomings. Get involved in the district and find out how your student is doing before you have a problem.

Imagine standing in line to talk to your son's or daughter's teacher. What kind of school system do you think we would have then?

Brad Mauk

Eileen Road

No document OKs torture

I was shocked but encouraged by your Oct. 8 editorial “Tuskegee south.” I was shocked that such a horrible and inhumane act would be committed by our government and encouraged that government came clean after so many years.

I was reminded of a more recent story uncovered by Physicians for Human Rights of unethical medical experimentation, this time on Guantanamo detainees (“Doctors group says U.S. tested torture,” June 7). Will government also come clean about this?

Through a careful reading of the government's own reports, PHR alleges that medical experiments were performed on detainees to fine-tune torture techniques. Though their report was circulated widely through the press, no senior White House official has commented on it.

Through the leadership of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture, 20 national faith groups and many human rights organizations called for an investigation of this issue. But so far, the matter has only been referred to the CIA, the agency responsible for most of the experiments.

Why does the administration refuse to acknowledge or investigate allegations of forced torture experimentation on detainees at Guantanamo and elsewhere? Medical experimentation without consent is always wrong, and learning how the breach in U.S. law occurred is undeniably important.

As a person of faith, I can't find anything in scriptures of any of the major world religions that justifies torture. As an American, I can't find anything within our founding principles and our Constitution that justifies attempts to hide crimes when they occur.

Bringing these moral failures to light will strengthen our nation. I hope the President and Congress move forward with proposals to investigate past torture policies with a commission of inquiry.

Tarunjit Singh Butalia


Faith Communities Uniting for Peace

Dublin, Ohio

Closely examine Obama's policies

The same people who lauded then-Senator Obama as a near-deity now chide Americans for being impatient with the results of his administration.

Instead of taking a critical look at his policies, Blade Associate Editor Rose Russell castigates the hoi polloi for failing to appreciate or understand his achievements in her Oct. 16 op-ed column, “Obama suffering from fast-food expectations.”

This is typical of the left, which is either obtuse or purposefully ignorant about the idea that President Obama's efforts are fully understood but are rejected by the majority of Americans.

Perhaps the failing is with his big-government solutions such as the $862 billion stimulus — with its meager results and crushing debt — and not the erroneous perception of the American populace.

Ms. Russell points fingers at others, including Republicans and Baby Boomers, but certainly not Mr. Obama, the Democrats, or the federal government. The media portrayed Mr. Obama as a miracle worker and he has done nothing to dissuade the notion.

Now that he is not living up to the hype, you would have us believe it's our fault. Try again.

Myron Welch


Ponder patriotism when you vote

It took 12 years, a world war, and massive federal stimulus to end the Great Depression. Does anyone really believe President Obama's policies have failed because unemployment is still too high, less than two years after he took office?

Instead of wondering why the administration has not performed the miracle of job creation, voters should ask:

Why do Republicans raise the most in anonymous campaign funds? And why do private U.S. businesses and banks, some of which were bailed out by us taxpayers, sit on the sidelines with substantial cash to invest?

When you realize that profit always trumps patriotism in America today, you will also realize who to vote for.

Lawrence Koosed


Hospitals should mimic city, village

Congratulations to Kevin Gilmore, the mayor of Ottawa Hills, and Mike Bell, the mayor of Toledo, for striking what will be a win-win deal between the village and city for fire protection (“Village firefighters to merge with city: Both councils must vote on $425,000 pact,” Oct. 16).

This is an example of politicians thinking outside the box. City and village officials should urge area hospital administrators also to work together and merge.

Latif Nimr


Correct firm that supplied photos

The aerial pictures that Vintage Aerial is marketing have come almost exclusively from State Aerial Farm Statistics, Inc., a 50-year-old company. Contrary to your Oct. 3 article “Past meets present,” our door-to-door sales are very much alive and well.

We have received a lot of calls wondering why State Aerial was not mentioned in the article. This just proves The Blade is well read.

Gale H. Astles


State Aerial Farm Statistics, Inc.


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