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United Way: Pass TPS levy

United Way is endorsing Issue 5 because our partnership with Toledo Public Schools is yielding success and progress within the district's schools and, more important, in the lives of Toledo students. Supporting this levy is in the best interest of kids, the economic viability of our community, and United Way.

We acknowledge United Way's endorsement of any levy is rare, and realize this one in particular is controversial and causes conflicting emotions for many of us. However, our children are too important for us to stand on the sidelines.

This year alone, United Way invested more than $1.9 million in programs that advance our education goals. Our endorsement is an effort to protect the progress and investments we and our partners have made in education.

Last year, with $39 million in cuts, TPS lost 1,400 students. Faced with a similar deficit next year we may well lose another 1,400 students. All of these children are not going to alternative schools; some are just dropping out.

Not educating our children to be the decision- makers, work force, entrepreneurs, and leaders of tomorrow will decimate our local economy. Businesses do not move to communities that do not support their schools.

Choosing to endorse the levy now and to work with TPS to create an authentic school reform plan is a more preferable option than paying down the road, as many children enter the prison system and businesses leave town.

We are urging others to join us in supporting the levy. Because we understand the controversial nature of this levy, I would be happy to discuss further our reasons for endorsement with anyone.

Bill Kitson

President & CEO

United Way of Greater Toledo

Toledo Public Schools is striving to offer an excellent education to each student in our diverse population. Because of reduced funding, we are in a financial crisis.

Many readers follow your voting suggestions (“Yes (gulp) on TPS tax,” editorial, Oct 18).

Brenda Hill

Willowhill Lane

Editor's note: The writer is a member of the Toledo Board of Education

Toledo Public Schools is a punching bag, but many wonderful things about the school system never get told.

My daughter should be in the eighth grade at Byrnedale Middle School this year, but because she is recovering from a brain tumor, she is taught at home. Her home-base teacher, the principal who arranged the program, and the band teacher who insisted she come into school once a week for band class are all outstanding.

All of her teachers have been wonderful about providing materials to keep her up to date and on track with her classmates. The entire Byrnedale community has done a knockout job of making her feel like she is part of the school, even though she isn't physically in the building.

I am honored to have my daughter be part of TPS. I look forward to supporting the levy request.

Joan Peltier

Princeton Drive

By what standard do Toledoans expect teachers effectively to combat single-parent households, poverty, gang affiliations, high teen pregnancy rates, high AIDS rates, or the toxic influence of hours of mindless television viewing, computer surfing, and gaming?

It is time to quit blaming teachers for the problems that plague schools. Public schools need all citizens to support school levies. To argue otherwise is irresponsible.

Sam Wright

Pingree Road

Who designed the recent redo of the major intersection of Sylvania Avenue and Holland-Sylvania Road? The turn lane and merging arrangements are recipes for road rage and accidents.

When will these conditions be corrected? A forest of orange barrels is not the solution.

John Shelly


The late Arthur Jibilian of Fremont was part of the mission to rescue downed airmen in enemy territory (“Bronze star is awarded to WWII hero at age 95,” Oct. 18). He parachuted into Serbia twice on rescue missions and was awarded a Silver Star.

The story of his heroism is in the archives of the University of Toledo Canaday Center and the Library of Congress.

Bud Fisher


I always seem to see articles about the Silent Witness Project after the ceremony (“Silent Witness Project adds 3 victims,” Oct. 15).

I would like to know in advance when these ceremonies are to take place. My daughter's name is on one of the silhouettes and I would like to see a ceremony.

Anthony Golden

Delta, Ohio

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling has provided business with “personhood” to affect the electorate.

Do we want a country that is openly controlled by corporations and interest groups, or one that is guided by and for the best interest of the people?

People cannot compete with the financed advertising of the corporations. But we can nullify their financial power with our vote.

Mary Ann Costello


Another recall of top-quality Toyota and Honda products (“Toyota recalls 1.53M vehicles; Brake fluid, fuel pump issues prompt Honda to join callback,” Oct. 22).

Where are all the General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford critics?

Richard Czerniejewski


Women need help with getting tested for breast cancer. I have lost one sister to breast cancer. My two younger sisters have been diagnosed with breast cancer and I don't want to lose them.

Help fight breast cancer. It could be one of your loved ones whom breast cancer takes from your family.

Marsha Kane

West Laskey Road

The Oct 24 edition of The Blade gave substantial coverage to Gov. Ted Strickland, with two front-page articles: “Governor keeps focus on economy” and “Poll shows Strickland closing gap.” Can we expect to see similar coverage of his opponent before the election?

Christine A. Holliday

Claudia Drive

Editor's note: An extensive story about Republican John Kasich's candidacy ran on Page 1 Oct. 17.

I keep seeing reports from the Republican Party talking about 400,000 jobs leaving Ohio. How many jobs were lost to the housing bubble bust?

How many were lost when some major manufacturers moved to China and Mexico?

Where are those numbers? Why won't they show or talk about those numbers?

Bruce Whalen

Fredonia Avenue

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