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Letters to the Editor

Working poor need taxes cut

I wish that every Republican who mentions the debt that is being passed onto the next generation would admit that this is a result of the Bush tax cuts for the rich. We were told these cuts would expire.

Instead, Republicans are proving what we knew from the start: They have no intention of letting the tax cuts expire. But they still blame Democrats for passing the bill to our children. That's hypocrisy, pure and simple.

If you want to stimulate the economy, give tax cuts to the working poor. They will spend the money on necessities.

Gregory Melczak

Stickney Avenue

Bottom line: Solve problems

Americans don't want racial division, but why don't they work to stop political division? Government is divided into two nonfunctioning parties.

We will always be divided as long as there are parties. I understand that each party has different views on how to run the country. However, all issues have common ground.

Solving the nation's problems should be the only agenda that politicians have.

Tiffany Webb

Richards Road

Iott lost, but his principles won

The electorate broke the gavel at the right hand of Ohio's 9th District representative. Perhaps earmarks are at the exit door for the district.

Rich Iott lost the election, but his principles are a big winner.

Delbert E. Bordner

Fairfax Road

What if Kasich had lost?

The vote for governor of Ohio was very close. If John Kasich had identified his plans in more detail and lost, I can only imagine Marilou Johanek's response (“In midterm elections, ignorance was bliss,” op-ed column, Nov. 4.)

Anybody who is not part of her beloved party gets identical treatment. Her own column was another biased example of journalism not worth the paper it is printed on.

Suzanne Stang


'Bye, equality, democracy

Congratulations to those voters, along with big corporate money (with the shameful backing of the U.S. Supreme Court), who voted the Republicans and the Tea Party back in power.

You've made it possible for the rich to get even richer, the middle class to become a memory, and the poor to become much poorer. Aren't equality and democracy just dandy?

Virginia M. Nichols


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