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Letters to the Editor

Use our energy resources

A Congressional Research Service report certifies that America's fossil fuel resources are the largest on Earth, greater than Saudi Arabia's (3rd), China's (4th), and Canada's (6th) combined. And that is without including our massive oil shale deposits, and ignoring the potentially huge impact of methane hydrates as a source of natural gas.

If the Obama Administration allowed us to develop our own oil, coal, and natural gas, we could be energy independent. Instead, gasoline prices have soared. Most of the blame is his.

This president has blocked development of cheap energy more than any previous administration. So-called green energy companies are paid billions of taxpayer dollars with nothing to show for it. Meanwhile, the Al Gores of the world are making money hand over fist.

High energy prices have long been the Democrats' goal, forcing us to cut down on energy usage, which they say would save the planet. But this has nothing to do with the planet (global temperatures have been going down for more than a decade) and everything to do with ending capitalism.

Republicans are accused of wanting to destroy the middle class, but the best way to do that, and increase the suffering of the poor, is $5 a gallon gas prices. That's where we're headed. Prices even could go higher.

This country cannot create jobs and a booming economy or improve the lifestyle of its people unless we have an ample supply of cheap energy. The report says that we do.

The Obama Administration, however, has made a conscious decision to raise energy prices, which will raise the price of everything.

Michael O'Brien

Working poor kept in their place
I hope that people now see what a Wall Street rich man will do for them. Gov. John Kasich is doing his best to make sure that the working poor stay in their place: poor and working.

He wants to cut every program that assists the working poor, such as Head Start. He should sign a bill right now to build big jails to hold all the people with mental health issues, since he wants to slash funding for mental health.

I will do my best to make sure that Mr. Kasich is a one-term governor.

Patsy Rios
Woodstock Avenue

Who better serves the populace?
With little argument, the federal government bailed out bankers on Wall Street with billions of dollars. These bankers realized much of their wealth from foreclosures and speculation.

Now Ohio legislators who work minimal hours per week want to change the pay and benefits of full-time public employees making the same as, and in many cases less than, lawmakers.

Our firefighters and police officers put their lives on the line every day they report for duty. Critics who carp about teachers working only 180 days a year have their heads in the sand.

Extra hours each day are spent planning, meeting with fellow staff members, grading papers, and purchasing classroom supplies not furnished by the schools. Weeks and months are spent furthering required continuing education at their own expense.

All public employees contribute to their retirement fund. Unlike the Social Security fund from which the federal government has borrowed, Ohio public employees' retirement funds have been invested wisely with self-sustaining returns.

Dollar for dollar, who better answers the needs of the populace: government-funded bankers, or government employees who protect us, teach our children, and perform duties in the trenches for which politically appointed bureaucrats take credit?

Betty Moore
Bowen Road
Editor's note: The writer is a retired public school teacher.

Change is required for our survival
To survive as a great nation, we need meaningful, effective, significant change. Our survival requires us to become competitive in a world economy, create smaller government, and cut spending.

The word "entitlement" needs to be cast from our vocabulary and replaced with the word "earned." We need to earn our way back to prosperity. We must all — individuals, government, and corporations — sacrifice for the common good and our economic health.

No one wants to share in the collective pain needed to revive our economy. Private-sector employees did not ask for their pain: stagnant wages, lost pensions, and paying more for health care benefits. But ask union or government employees for the same contribution, the same level of pain, and the answer is not only "no," but "hell, no."

We cannot put our heads in the sand and believe we can wish our way out of this mess. We either all share in the pain now, or we all suffer the consequences of a failed economy.

Dan Dimas

Integrity of vote needs protection
The Ohio House voted 56-38 to approve a bill that would require voters to show government-issued photo identification to vote ("Bill says voters must show government ID," March 24). However, Rep. Bob Hagan (D., Youngstown) said the bill's goal was not to protect the integrity of voting. He is wrong.

Remember ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now)? Its members were out signing up people to vote who weren't legal. This should be a national law. It would at least help to keep our elections honest.

People should remember how their representatives vote. Mr. Hagan should get his head out of the sand.

Bud McLaughlin

Why not develop Riverside site?
I find it disturbing that Toledo Public Schools, which owns the empty Riverside Hospital and is in dire need of financial help, does not aggressively market the property.

Since the Ohio Department of Transportation completed the Veterans Memorial Skyway bridge and finished the park and landscaping at the end of the old Craig Bridge at Summit Street, Riverside Hospital, which overlooks the Maumee River, should be prime real estate.

The building has a large parking lot and is accessible from all parts of Toledo and surrounding areas. It could be developed into apartments, a nursing home, or a senior citizen home.

I read what the city did for The Docks ("City completes The Docks sale," March 18). Why not do the same with Riverside Hospital? City officials worked hard to get the sale of The Docks done. I am sure they would help TPS market the hospital property.

Here's hoping that this property can be developed, to enrich this part of North Toledo and bring life back to this landmark of many years.

Fred R. Henzler
Chase Street

Post office needs to be more efficient
If the U.S. Postal Service wants to save money, it should stop advertising and supporting sporting events. There is only one post office, so advertising is a waste of money.

The Postal Service needs to get mail delivered promptly. A bill mailed to me from Cleveland on the 5th of one month arrived on the 10th. Payment was due on the 15th. Will the Postal Service pay the late fee for me?

What will happen if it stops Saturday delivery? Bills will still come due and we won't have enough time to get them back by return mail before they are overdue.

The Postal Service also should stop insisting that post office clerks spout nonsense about other products that are available. If we want other products, we will request them. That pushy spiel slows customer service and is a waste of everyone's time.

If the Postal Service wants more customers, it needs to provide much better customer service.

Gretchen Moffett

Libyan bombing could fund schools
Not a word from President Obama about what state workers face in Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin ("Kasich signs measure restricting labor rights," April 1).

The cost of two days of bombing Libya could have funded Ohio schools, saved countless teachers' jobs, and ensured that art and music would continue to round out a child's learning experience.

Wade Born
East Streicher Street

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