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Letters to the Editor

U.S. can’t give up on its workers

A recent Blade article highlighted how Ohio workers are preparing to fill good-paying, 21st century jobs (“Union teaches turbine work,” April 19).

During my tour of the Ohio Green and Renewable Opportunities for Workers project in Rossford last summer, I was able to witness firsthand Ohioans preparing for high-demand, clean-technology jobs.

These jobs will help rebuild American manufacturing. From wind-turbine construction to solar-panel maintenance, tomorrow’s jobs require investments today.

Continued investment in Ohio workers is a real possibility with a bill I recently re-introduced. The Strengthening Employment Clusters to Organize Regional Success (SECTORS) Act can help train workers for skilled jobs in emerging industries such as clean energy.

By empowering local communities, we can address the disparity between high unemployment rates and a shortage of skilled workers by connecting community colleges with industry, organized labor, and workforce boards.

We cannot afford to give up on American workers. That’s why I will continue to fight for the next generation of solid middle-class jobs in our state.

Sherrod Brown
U.S. Senate,

Work, succeed — and be criticized
Our parents taught us to work hard, get good grades, be competitive, and strive for success. Now, if you are successful, you are vilified by President Obama and the Democratic Party as greedy and uncaring (“Obama unveils framework to pare budget by $4 trillion,” April 14).

Why is it okay to redistribute wealth to others who expect the government to take care of them? Opportunities for success are available, but many choose not to take advantage of them.

If you want to view our country’s future under an out-of-control government trying to ruin successful businesses, see the movie Atlas Shrugged. It is a wake-up call to America.

Christine Bruning
Carlingfort Drive

Wall Street mess? Blame right folks
The Wall Street mess a Readers’ Forum writer refers to was caused by the subprime mortgage debacle. It rests squarely on the Democrats, former President Bill Clinton, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac (“You made the mess, you pay,” April 19).

Providing loans to people who were never going to have the ability to repay them, then packaging all those bad loans and trading them back and forth to each other, was destined to fall like a house of cards.

Bob Green
McClure, Ohio

Trump trumpets for better ratings
I used to think Donald Trump was a fairly decent businessman, but I have changed my mind.

The question about President Obama’s birth certificate has been beaten into the ground. Now Mr. Trump says to Mr. Obama, show me your birth certificate and I might show my tax returns. Is this for higher TV ratings?

Don Kerstetter

President Trump? That’s far-fetched
Donald Trump for president makes as much sense as Gary Busey as secretary of state, and Meat Loaf as secretary of defense.

George Hartman

Bush traveled less than Obama does
Perhaps the writer of the April 21 letter “Part-time position for the President” doesn’t recall letters concerning George W. Bush’s excessive travel when he was president because Mr. Bush didn’t travel every few days as Mr. Obama does.

Mikki Breese

Don’t fall for call to tax the rich
Class envy has always been an effective tactic used by politicians pandering for votes. Nothing has worked better than the call to “tax the rich.”

Americans have been intentionally deprived when it comes to history. Few realize the futility of trying to tax the rich.

Shortly after the Woodrow Wilson administration dumped the progressive income tax on us with the 16th Amendment, government raised the top tax rate. Revenues didn’t change.

The rich simply rearranged their finances to defer income, or stopped producing when they approached the higher brackets. Nonproduction took its toll on the poor and the middle class.

The next time you hear a politician call for a tax on the rich, remember he is probably drawing a target on your back. He knows there are too few rich and you are the only dependable source when it comes to taxes.

You should always ask whether you would be better off with wealth in the hands of those with the ability to produce more wealth, or those who simply redistribute it for votes.

Class envy lets corrupt politicians sacrifice you in the name of compassion as they decide who is needier, while civilization degenerates.

Jim Boehm
Drummond Road

Play by the rules about parking lots
We own one of the smallest parking lots in the warehouse district (“City of Toledo to crack down on parking lots,” April 19). Nine years ago, we paid for engineering, lighting, paving, fencing, and striping in accordance with parking lot codes.

Last year, we did not charge fees during special events and games. Having friends who are parking-lot operators, I knew what the rules were. I went through the necessary channels and paid to acquire my permit, knowing it would take a long time to recoup the $500.

Last year, a building in the district was torn down without a permit. The site then operated as a parking lot with no parking permit.

I felt I deserved to get a refund for my $500, since it was obvious that not everyone needed to be in compliance with the law.

The city disagreed. This is one reason that the enforcement of parking-lot permits is correct.

Richard Rideout
South St. Clair Street

Military casualty brings pain, tears
Marilou Johanek’s April 21 op-ed column brought tears to my eyes (“Castalia casualty brings war home”).

No one can understand the pain that parents, wives, and children experience when they are notified of the unexpected death of a loved one overseas in U.S. military operations.

I can attest to the pain of losing friends I trained with during the Korean War. But it cannot compare to the pain and loss of a dear son, father, and husband, Sgt. 1st Class Charles Adkins.

Be assured that Sergeant Adkins will be remembered, respected, and honored with many others when we conduct this year’s Memorial Day parade.

Gerard W. Jacobs
Secretary-treasurer Toledo-Lucas County Memorial Day Association Toledo

What’s the reason for high gas price?
Experts may have warned us about gasoline prices, but that doesn’t mean that prices have to be so high.

Oil companies have a monopoly in the United States. They can say for whatever reason that they are raising the price. Now they blame the conflict in Libya for higher prices.

There is no reason for prices to rise this much this fast, even with a warning.

Natosha Heitsche

Cameras needed in classrooms
The disclosure of a “kill list” at a Toledo middle school points out what must be done to ensure that public schools can be safe (“Students with ‘kill list’ removed from school,” April 19).

Classroom cameras would identify those who disrupt learning.

Mel Pommeranz
Francis Avenue

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