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Letters to the Editor

Israel isn’t at fault in peace talks

Your May 19 editorial “Losing Mitchell” pushes to a new high The Blade’s level of hostility toward Israel.

The peace talks did not fail because of Israeli settlement construction, as you argue. Israel offered to reinstate the freeze on construction in exchange for formal recognition of Israel as a Jewish state by the Palestinian Authority. The authority refused, and it is this refusal that is the obstacle.

You also promoted the false narrative that Palestinian Arabs were “expelled” from “Palestine” by the creation of Israel. Palestinians became refugees as a result of the war started by the Arabs in reaction to the creation of Israel. Had the Arabs not attempted to push the Jews into the sea, there would never have been Palestinian refugees.

Finally, you warn that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should not be “allowed to steer America off its pursuit of Middle East peace,” propagating the canard of Israel “controlling” American foreign policy. Israelis no more “steer” our foreign policy than South Korea “steers” our foreign policy on the Korean peninsula.

Rob Vincent

GOP, controversy go together
Senate Bill 148, a bill about election laws passed along party lines, would limit ballot access for alternative political parties, effectively limiting free speech and freedom of assembly (“Ohio Senate bill cuts time for voting absentee, early,” May 25).

The bill would limit Ohioans to only two candidates at a time, because of the numbers of registered Republicans and Democrats. Third parties would not have ballot access because of restrictions.

To secure real choices for elected officials, and to assure that Ohio voters can continue to have freedom of speech and assembly in our election laws, voters should send a message to their representatives. Third parties allow real alternatives, new voices, and new views.

SB 148 is a way to assure that those in power can limit competition.

Nathan Eberly
Bowling Green

Obama remakes U.S. as socialistic
In 2008, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama promised to transform America if he was elected. Americans were unaware that the transformation would be to a socialist government, creating unprecedented debt and deficits, record business closings and job losses, higher taxes, unemployment, increased poverty, and governmental control over businesses, education, energy, banking, housing, and health care.

The negative impact of these policies was revealed in a May 5 Quinnipiac poll, in which 57 percent of Americans said they disapprove of the President’s handling of the economy. Many in his own party now regret electing an inexperienced, fiscally irresponsible, anti-capitalistic president, whose extreme, liberal ideologies threaten the economic foundation of our Republic.

Gary Stechschulte

Beware slogans of politicians
Many politicians offer two slogans: “This generation of Americans is immoral if we leave this large budget deficit to the next generation” and “We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.” Both are used to prolong and justify the shift of wealth into the hands of a relative few.

What is immoral about this generation? Too may of us sit on our hands while the rich refuse to pay the taxes. Politicians think that the nation can’t provide for the medical care of seniors, can’t support the education of children, can’t feed the hungry, can’t afford pensions for workers, and can’t do anything for the old, the young, the unemployed, the underemployed, and the middle class.

Slick political slogans can lead to the undoing of all the progress we have made. America is a society, not a disjointed collection of individuals.

Michael Harrington
Oak Grove Place

George W. Bush doubled spending
I do not see a reason for the inclusion of the letter “Death photos flap needs George W.” in the May 25 Readers’ Forum.

I fail to comprehend the writer’s connection between fiscal conservatism and former President George W. Bush. His administration more than doubled government spending.

Seth Bailey
Twin Oaks Drive

Indications are Bachmann socialist
The farm of U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R., Minn.) has received hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars in subsidies. She has no problem taking tax dollars and redistributing them to herself and wealthy farmers.

She also supports sending billions of tax dollars to Israel, which has socialized health care, but opposes universal health care in the United States because it is socialism.

Any time you take money from one group of people and redistribute it to another, whether they need it or not, it is still socialism.

Based on her actions, Ms. Bachmann must be a socialist — and a hypocrite.

Ted Sotnyk
Pershing Drive

Memorial Day honor and disgust
Memorial Day is a time to honor the men and women in the military. Memorial Day has a disgusting side as well, when you look at how presidents and Congress play loose with the lives of those men and women.

Our Founders set forth in the Constitution the rules of engagement for war. In 1973, the War Powers Act expanded on the intent of our Founders. The president, seeing an imminent threat, has the power to take us to war. Within 60 days, Congress has to approve or repeal funding for the war.

Our Founders would flip in their graves knowing we have hundreds of military bases in scores of countries, and three wars cooking with no end in sight while the President and Congress kick the Constitution to the curb.

Re-electing presidents and members of Congress who ignore the rules of engagement takes the edge off the real value of Memorial Day.

Jim Boehm
Drummond Road

Work together on Toledo’s image
The writer of the May 19 Readers’ Forum letter “Bell behaving like his predecessor” accuses Toledo Mayor Mike Bell of micromanaging our real-estate and economic-development programs.

How long have we known that many areas in Toledo need to be developed or redeveloped? What ideas has any union, business, or resident offered? When will local companies or investors step up so we don’t have to let foreigners take over the city?

It seems that when Mr. Bell makes a little progress, he is criticized. Let’s work together, not against each other.

Carol Hanely

Turn Libbey over to YMCA
I’m a 1943 graduate of Libbey High School, but can’t feel the remorse at its demise that some other alumni have (“Libbey’s contents auctioned,” May 24).

Let’s give the relatively new physical education part of the complex to the YMCA. The Y was founded to give guidance and recreation to the youth of a community, regardless of race or social status. A facility like that would be ideal for the inner city.

Jim Chamberlin
Mapleway Drive

‘Ride of Silence’ builds respect
The recent “Ride of Silence” by more than 100 bicyclists through West Toledo was made safer and more effective by the service provided by the police departments of the City of Toledo, the University of Toledo, and Ottawa Hills, and by Toledo Fire and Rescue (“Bicyclists ride to send message, pay respects,” May 19).

The ride honors those who have been injured or killed while riding bicycles. It aims to build respect between drivers and cyclists to increase safety. That’s why it took place on heavily traveled roads.

Keith Webb
Organizer Ride of Silence

Kent Gardam
Transportation Projects
Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments

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