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Letters to the Editor


Unions still need to talk about SB 5

If 1.3 million signatures were collected to put a statewide referendum on the November ballot to repeal Senate Bill 5, I hope the bill was explained differently to those people than it was to me and my husband (“Arguments filed on Ohio ballot issues; Language for, against Senate Bill 5, health-care law rich in buzz words,” Aug. 25).

This is how it was explained to us by two people who said they were city workers going door to door when signatures were taken to repeal SB 5: In the case of two public employees doing an identical job with the same amount of seniority, under SB 5 one worker would be paid $5 an hour and the other $10 an hour.

Nothing was mentioned about the many benefits of the law and other issues of concern. I know that it is not a wages-only issue. We are talking about abundant benefits public employees now have that need to be addressed. I say to union leaders: It’s never too late to talk and make compromises.

These are the worst economic times that I have seen, and I don’t see things getting better in the near future. We should pull together and try to make Ohio a better place to live.

Inge Lanzenberger


Accept donations only from people

As a moderate, I get a big laugh out of how Republicans continually bash Democrats for accepting donations from unions.

How is that any different from Republicans accepting donations from the wealthy and big business, and being controlled by both?

Do you want to level the playing field and make everything really fair for everyone? Ban all donations from political action committees, special interest groups, companies, unions, corporations, and any other nonentity.

Donations should be accepted only from individuals at current limits. In that way, control is returned to the individual members of any political party.

Stephen Kellogg

Champion Street

Religions don’t worship same God

The writer of the Aug. 19 Readers’ Forum letter “Kudos to Perry, we need prayers” was wrong when he said that all religions worship the same God. All religions see Jesus differently.

Buddhists believe Jesus was a good teacher, though not as important as Buddha. Hindus believe that Jesus was one of many incarnations, or sons, of God. Muslims believe that Jesus was the greatest prophet below Mohammed. They also don’t believe Jesus died for people’s sins.

The Bible and the Christian faith tell us that Jesus was God. Jesus was the only Deity to rise from the dead. Other religious leaders are still in the ground.

All churches should be inclusive in inviting people of all faiths, but all faiths don’t serve the same God.

Chip Williams

Fir Lane

UT point-shaving a dubious benefit

The embarrassing and painful federal probe and prosecution of point-shaving and bribery gives University of Toledo football players an unfair advantage (“Ex-Rocket admits to fumbling for $500,” Aug. 26).

How else are UT athletes going to learn to navigate the playing field of the legal system when they hit the big leagues?

Edwin Marok

Kenwood Boulevard

Passers-by should stop and offer aid

Recently at the intersection of State Rt. 795 and Cummings Road, a mother, her daughter, and two sons were involved in a car accident and taken to a hospital (“4 hurt in Lake Twp. crash,” Aug. 17).

There was traffic on the road that night, but nobody stopped to help. People should not be in such a hurry that they can’t stop and check on a person, or give a statement about what they saw. It does not take much time and you can feel good about helping someone.

Robert Habel, Jr

Lake Township

On Sept. 16, fly POW-MIA flag

Sept. 16 is POW-MIA Recognition Day. It would be great if we flew our POW-MIA flags to remember all the American prisoners of war.

Nick Haupricht

Chairman Remembrance Inc.
West Sylvania Avenue

Gay Pride event well done, covered

Your Aug. 28 story “Thousands turn out downtown for city’s 1st Gay Pride Parade” was outstanding. I attended the parade and festival with my mother, and we had a great time celebrating the unity of the Toledo gay community.

All was well organized. I’m looking forward to next year’s event.

Your pre-coverage of the event was lacking, but thanks again for covering the event and shining a positive light on our local gay community.

Rick Cornett

Lewis Avenue

‘Dresden’ reference wrong, offensive

I was appalled that your article about a fire at a strip mall said the scene “resembled a Dresden city block from the World War II era” (“2-alarm North Toledo blaze destroys half of retail plaza,” Aug. 24).

Really? A fire at a strip mall that injured no one is in some way analogous to one of the most devastating Allied fire-bombing attacks, in which more than 25,000 people — most of them civilians, including many women and children — were killed?

If you are going to attempt to employ historical analogies, can you at least make them relevant and not so offensive?

Barbara Floyd

Middlesex Drive

McCloskey photo in poor taste

Why did you subject your readers to a picture of bare-chested former Toledo City Councilman Bob McCloskey on Page One (“Escobar testified colleagues knew of cash demand,” Aug. 28)?

This was in extremely poor taste. He might have been relaxing at home, but couldn’t he have put on a shirt for the photo? Has he no pride? Maybe he didn’t realize how bad he looks.

Shame on The Blade for taking and publishing the picture.

J.R. Miller


Be kind to selves, Mother Earth

We are all Earthlings. Therefore, we have the same Mother Earth. Be kind to her and each other.

Let us some day have a huge family reunion and reconcile our differences. We owe it to ourselves.

William Moran

Wendover Drive

Old Orchard better than portrayed

Last Monday evening, when Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre was meeting with a group of Old Orchard residents at a Block Watch event, my wife and I were walking around the neighborhood with our 6-pound dog (“Chief is pressed for answers; Residents of Old Orchard reel from recent crime,” Aug. 30).

We bought coffee, talked to friends and neighbors, and saw bicyclists, joggers, and young families pushing strollers.

We were not held captive in our homes. Any suggestion that we were would be the product of a hysterical imagination.

Every neighborhood experiences crime and every neighbor needs to keep a watchful eye out. But to suggest that Old Orchard is anything less than an inviting, vibrant, secure neighborhood, reflecting the very best of what Toledo has to offer, is just plain untrue.

Stuart Cubbon

Kenwood Boulevard

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