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Letters to the Editor


No loan pledges for nuke plants

Your Sept. 9 editorial “Solar stimulus” incorrectly states that the federal government has offered loan guarantees to nuclear energy facilities for decades. No loan guarantees for nuclear power plants have been awarded to date.

The first program for loan guarantees for new nuclear projects and other clean-energy technologies was provided in the Energy Policy Act of 2005. In February, 2010, conditional commitments for loan guarantees for a new nuclear plant were offered to partners building two advanced reactors in Georgia. This guarantee won’t become final until the company receives its combined construction and operating license, expected early next year.

Loan guarantees are widely used by the federal government to ensure investment in critical infrastructure. With electricity demand expected to increase by 24 percent by 2035, according to the Energy Information Administration, it is imperative for the nation to provide the means to ensure adequate investment in America’s electric power system.

The loan guarantee program was designed to encourage the deployment of innovative clean-energy technologies, including renewable energy resources, advanced coal, and nuclear power, while ensuring a low cost of financing that would result in a lower cost of electricity for consumers.

Loan guarantees for new nuclear projects will provide thousands of jobs, in addition to thousands of megawatts of affordable, clean energy. This is a combination the nation cannot afford to pass up.

Leslie Kass
Senior Director
Business Policy and Fuel Supply
Nuclear Energy Institute

Redistricting is a GOP power play
U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur’s downtown Toledo office is no longer in her own district, thanks to Republican gerrymandering (“Democrats may call for referendum on new map,” Sept. 16). Toledo City Councilman Mike Craig may have constituents in three different congressional districts. These are absurdities.

Republicans are willing to gain government control by any means necessary. Republicans want oligarchy, not democracy.

Taxes are cut for corporations and the wealthy, but not the middle class. Republicans are afraid that we will notice and do something about it.

Jane Lynam
Greenhills Road

New map shows no respect for Ohio
This redistricting is an obvious attempt to undermine Democratic U.S. Reps. Kaptur and Dennis Kucinich. Miss Kaptur has been a target of the Republican Party for a long time.

Downtown Toledo will be represented by someone from Urbana. which, as the crow flies, is about 100 miles south of Toledo. An area west of my home will be represented by someone from Bowling Green.

This is meant to cut up strong Democratic districts to ensure Republican victories. And people wonder why so many Americans are sick and tired of politicians and their antics.

The redistricting has to change. A large portion of Ohio legislators obviously has no respect for state residents.

John Bodner
Woodlawn Drive

New districts a travesty
The new congressional districts proposed by the Republican-dominated Ohio House are a travesty. It is gerrymandering at its worst.

This plan violates good-government concepts that districts should be as compact as possible and that counties should not be divided into multiple districts.

John Galbraith
Editor’s note: The writer is a former Republican state representative.

Fresh guidance may help Toledo
Toledoans are afraid their opinions might not be heard in Washington. Now Toledoans know how the Lucas County suburbs have felt for years.

Did Toledoans think the surrounding counties would support the money pits of the Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo Zoo, Imagination Station, and others?

Toledo isn’t the only government entity in northwest Ohio that faces a budget catastrophe. It must be nice that Toledo’s public unions get to deal with a City Council that is largely made up of present or past union officials.

Maybe some outside guidance is just what Toledo needs.

Jeff Jackson
Eaglebrook Road

Perry’s correct on Social Security
GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry’s comparison of Social Security to a Ponzi scheme drew concerns from both sides of the political aisle (“Rivals target Perry at GOP debate; Texan’s views on Social Security, girls’ vaccinations attacked,” Sept. 13). Why?

A Ponzi scheme pays returns to investors not from profit, but from money paid by subsequent investors. How was Mr. Perry incorrect in his analysis?

We are not investors; we are forced to contribute to Social Security. I’d rather invest my money myself. The money Social Security recipients get comes from subsequent investors — newer, younger workers still in the work force who pay into the system.

What is the end game in this defunct system that we continue to throw good money into, in hopes that its pitfalls simply work themselves out? Social Security needs to be addressed soon, or Granny won’t get her check.

Mike Webber
Colony Drive

Obama’s got to go; media back him
If we want to get this country back on its feet, we need to replace who we have in the White House.

We have failed leadership and a failing economy that’s like a ship without a rudder.

President Obama keeps putting the blame on George W. Bush. But this is Mr. Obama’s economy now. He has been in office going on three years. He and the Democrats had control of the House and Senate. He could have passed any legislation he wanted to bring back the economy, but he failed.

I can’t believe that Mr. Obama is the best Democrats can come up. We’ll all be in the poorhouse if he gets another four years in office.

I’m sure the mainstream media will do everything they can to see that he is re-elected.

Ken Palicki

Reverse-stimulus plan might be OK
The writer of the Sept. 15 Readers’ Forum letter “Have businesses spend, get tax aid” said that businesses should get a tax credit for investment under a “reverse-stimulus” plan.

This would be a fine idea if the large corporations with money to spend were actually paying any taxes. Lawmakers need to close the ridiculous corporate tax loopholes, then consider lowering the corporate tax rate.

A reverse-stimulus plan might be a decent idea. Clearly, the current corporate tax system has done nothing to encourage much-needed investment in our communities and people.

Matt Opperman
Harlan Road

Spay/neuter service to help community
The writer of the Sept. 1 Readers’ Forum letter “A call for help over stray cats” is right. Left to roam at large, cats will multiply, so having them spayed or neutered is a must.

Humane Ohio offers low-cost spay/neuter services to anyone who cares for a stray or feral cat in Ohio or Michigan — $25 per free-roaming cat — and lends easy to use, humane traps.

Lucas County residents who cannot afford Humane Ohio’s spay/neuter price can call Planned Pethood to request a voucher through its Litter Patrol program. It will cover the spay/neuter cost for free-roaming cats and owned pets while vouchers last.

Unfortunately, there is a huge cat overpopulation problem in our community, because of pets that are not fixed and cats that are allowed to roam outdoors or have been abandoned.

Jill Borkowski
Marketing Manager
Humane Ohio
Tremainsville Road

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