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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Oral cancer, HPV link missing

Your Sept. 16 guest editorial, “The HPV debate,” about the vaccine for the HPV virus was right on the money.

While I have mixed feelings about the vaccine being mandated, anything that can potentially save lives certainly should be encouraged.

One issue that the editorial missed is the connection of the HPV virus to oral cancer. Oral cancer is one of the deadliest cancers and is growing.

While my form of oral cancer was not HPV-related, I can attest to the devastation this horrible disease causes. Even after two years, I still am feeling the effects of my treatments — surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

So far, I am one of the lucky ones. I still am unable to eat most of my favorite foods, and at times my speech is affected.

I encourage parents to have both boys and girls vaccinated against HPV, not only to help prevent cervical cancer in women, but also to narrow the odds against oral cancer in both men and women.

Georgiana Huizenga

Citing incivility, be balanced

Blade Editor David Kushma wasted a portion of his Sept. 11 op-ed column, “Ten years later: Did America overreact to 9/11? We’re pulling apart, not together,” to highlight a Democratic politician’s opinions on the lack of civility. He should have used part of that space to cite uncivil messages by mainstream Democrats.

Democracy was invented because people have never been of a single mind. Otherwise, we would have a one-party system like they had in the Soviet Union. It turned out the people there were not of a single mind, either.

In America, we always have had competing interests and have promoted competing thoughts. That does not mean we have to be uncivil in our discourse.

Jim Darnall

Redistricting upsets Republican

Even as a registered Republican, I can’t believe or condone what appears to be blatant gerrymandering for purely partisan political intent rather than fair representation for the people of our state (“Democrats may call for referendum on new map; Ohio House approves changes by Republicans,” Sept. 16).

I may not agree with all of U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur’s political positions, but I have admired her genuine concern and responsiveness to her constituency in Toledo and surrounding areas. The current political wrangling for party advantage rather than moving forward for the long-term good of the people is disheartening.

I am close to hoping for a pox on both parties and wishing for a fresh alternative.

Jeff Silliman

GOP redistricts to dump Kaptur

The only recourse Republicans have to replace Democrat Marcy Kaptur is to dismantle her district and render it irrelevant.

She has been an honorable and hard-working representative for the backbone of Toledo, the middle class.

Lucas County is a Democratic stronghold because our roots are in labor and small business. Miss Kaptur grew up in that environment and understands the needs of northwest Ohio.

Republican U.S. Reps. Bob Latta and Jim Jordan are not representative of Lucas County because of their anti-labor sentiments.

This is another blatant attempt to unseat a senior and valued Democratic member of Congress so Republicans can gain a majority.

Sally Keller
Sabra Road

New map creative, but let’s start over

The 9th Congressional District stretching from Toledo to Cleveland? The 4th District extending from Springfield to Toledo?

The proposed districts take gerrymandering to a new level. Political considerations notwithstanding, the configuration of many of these districts just doesn’t make sense.

Ohioans should be outraged by political games like this.

Tony Biel
Dale Street

Common sense seems to be absent

State Rep. Matt Huffman, a Lima Republican, thinks the new boundaries for congressional districts in Ohio meet all constitutional tests (“Dems won long-ago bid to alter GOP map,” Sept. 17).

If  lawmakers were tested for common sense, all of them would fail.

Both parties seem to think that the only good that will come out of redistricting is that politicians save their own jobs. That’s what I call a real jobs program.

Mike Young
Claredale Road

Least-annoying candidate gets vote

I am unimpressed by most candidates. I do not want their mail advertisements or telephone calls, because they annoy me. I am keeping track of all such annoyances. The candidate who annoys me the least will get my vote.

Margie Myers
Lewis Avenue

S.B. 5 takes away self-expression

Senate Bill 5 strips the right of self-expression from working men and women in the public sector by denying them the right to collective bargaining.

Collective bargaining gives a voice to workers and helps to ensure that they are treated fairly. Workers must bargain sincerely and seek the common good.

We cannot allow the current hard times to dictate bad policy.

Mike Wielgopolski
Richmond Road

Drivers, bicyclists should be respectful

I agree with the writers of the Sept. 13 Readers’ Forum letter “Bicyclists need to follow rules of road.” However, the writers only cited a section of the Ohio Revised Code that applies to all vehicles, including bicycles. There are several other laws pertaining to bicyclists that both cyclists and motorists should know.

The code also states: “Every person operating a bicycle upon a roadway shall ride as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable… This does not require a person operating a bicycle to ride at the edge of the roadway when it is unreasonable or unsafe to do so. Conditions that may require riding away from the edge of the roadway include …if the lane is too narrow for the bicycle and an overtaking vehicle to travel safely side by side within the lane.”

Travel lanes less than 14 feet wide are considered too narrow to share safely side by side. Monclova Road in front of St. Luke’s Hospital to Anthony Wayne Trail has two travel lanes, east and west, with a center turn lane.

The travel lane in this area is too narrow to share, so the bicyclist was correctly positioned in the roadway to prevent a motorist from attempting to share the lane and not allowing a safe passing distance.

Although the bicyclist was driving in a safe and lawful manner, he could have used better judgment in discussing the issue with the motorists.

There are lessons to be learned for both motorists and bicyclists. We should each respect our rights and responsibilities on the road.

Keith Webb
Northwest Regional Director Ohio Bicycle Federation Sylvania Township

Jeep plant needed carts for disabled

On Sept. 11, I was privileged to visit Chrysler LLC’s Toledo Assembly complex. I was impressed by the modern equipment used to make vehicles.

But I was disappointed that such a modern plant could not accommodate guests who needed help. The complex covers a large area. There was only a bench every now and then. It would have been nice to have carts to drive handicapped people around.

I just had double knee surgery and am still recovering, but I didn’t want to miss this occasion. I saw a few more people who should have had a ride.

GM Powertrain’s plant on Alexis Road had an open house Aug. 11. There were carts for all who needed them. I will attend Powertrain’s open house next year, because I know I will not have to walk and hurt for two days.

Mattie Bacon
Ranch Drive

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