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Dem rips Gardner on redistrict vote

I am outraged that state Rep. Randy Gardner (R., Bowling Green) voted for the horrible gerrymandered congressional redistricting plan pushed through by Republicans to retain their majority (“Kaptur’s district reshuffled; Latta to get Sylvania; Jordan takes downtown Toledo,” Sept. 14).

In years past, I remember Mr. Gardner complaining about legislation rushed through without time for study or public comment. This redistricting plan affects our state for 10 years and was passed by the House less than 48 hours after it was presented to the public for the first time.

That is outrageous. Mr. Gardner should have voted no or delayed the process to allow Ohioans time to comment.

If you look at the districts, you’ll find funny shapes that have little to do with maintaining communities of interest. I think of how much gasoline will be wasted by members of Congress traveling these crazy, serpentine-shaped districts.

Several years ago, when Democrats dominated state government, the Wood County Democratic Party endorsed a nonpartisan approach to redistricting endorsed by the League of Women Voters.

This redistricting is a monstrosity. Mr. Gardner should explain why Republicans were in such a rush to vote this sham in.

Mike Zickar
Wood County Democratic Party
Perrysburg Township

Ohio should seek redistrict fairness
The Republican redistricting map reshapes Ohio’s 9th Congressional District so that it extends some 100 miles along the shore of Lake Erie, covers parts of several counties, and breaks Toledo into three districts. We need to pass a constitutional amendment that would require fairness standards in redistricting.

Florida passed such a measure with the support of 63 percent of voters last November. The legislature and two congressmen tried to get it declared unconstitutional, but a federal judge tossed out that suit last week.

Ohioans who want fair representation need to act now.

Jim Richard

9th not Kaptur’s, it’s the public’s
I don’t like seeing our district gerrymandered, which is clearly what is happening. But I’m surprised I have to remind The Blade that the 9th District does not belong to Marcy Kaptur, as your Sept. 14 headline “Kaptur’s district reshuffled” states.

It may seem that way, for good or ill, but it still belongs to the people to do with what we will.

The statement in your article that U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, a Republican from Urbana, “would have to learn his way around downtown Toledo” seems to betray a certain amount of bitterness.

How do you know that Mr. Jordan doesn’t already know his way around the city? Such a comment may have flown in an editorial, but in a purported hard-news story it comes off sounding snarky.

Doug Tabner
Grantwood Drive

Law prof right, GOP plan is wrong
I agree with Daniel Tokaji, a law professor at Ohio State University, who said that the redistricting plan for Ohio is gerrymandering and should be quickly challenged (“Planned revision divides Lucas Co. into 3 segments,” Sept. 14).

Plutocratic Republican legislators are gunning to win all elections in Ohio through any trickery that they can think of. To split up Lucas County and Toledo as they have is a political move to further their endeavors.

Their trickery engulfs the nation, as they stubbornly oppose any legislation that President Obama proposes, apparently just because he is President.

Is there no interest or compassion among Republicans in helping to improve the middle and lower classes and significantly reduce the 46.2 million Americans living in poverty?

I ask GOP lawmakers to stop being plutocrats and begin being democratic, with a lower-case “d.” I also ask them to stop “enjoying” Tea, with a capital “T.”

Wallace Pretzer
Bowling Green

Dividing Toledo 3 ways not so bad
Not everyone believes that the congressional redistricting plan creates an “unfair, anti-voter congressional map,” as Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern alleges (“Democrats may call for referendum on new map; Ohio House approves changes by Republicans,” Sept. 16).

As a South Toledoan, I am delighted at the prospect of being represented by Republican Bob Latta, a congressman of honesty and integrity who listens to, and answers to, his constituents.

As for the Toledo-Lucas County area being represented in Congress by three representatives instead of just one — what’s the downside?

Kathy Saco
Orono Drive

Webb candidacy raises questions
Toledo City Council member Lindsay Webb filed her papers to get on the primary ballot a week late and then said that she sent them on time (“Board advised not to try to take Webb off ballot,” Sept. 16).

Three employees of the Lucas County Board of Elections knew Ms. Webb filed her papers late but remained silent.Her opponent filed a protest that dragged on in court until the day before the primary election. An appeals court ruled that the protest was filed late. Ms. Webb won her primary and everything is supposed to go on as if nothing happened.

Why is Ms. Webb’s name even on the ballot? Why was no one fired at the elections board? Why is Ms. Webb allowed to follow the law only when it is in her best interest ? And most importantly, how many other times has this happened?

Such are politics in Toledo. Now if we could only figure out why we are losing businesses.

Tony Esposito
Regina Parkway

Big Ten-BMW letter got it wrong
This writer of the Sept. 18 Readers’ Forum letter “Big Ten’s car pick a slam to U.S.” might want to look at what he drives to be sure it was assembled in the United States.

He writes about the Detroit Three of Ford, GM, and Chrysler; the latter is owned by a foreign company. The Detroit Three import many vehicles assembled in different countries. Vehicles aren’t made in the United States; they are assembled from domestic and foreign-made components.

BMW has a large presence in Spartanburg, S.C., where it assembles the X3, X5, and X6 sport activity vehicles. Other foreign-based automakers have plants in this country and employ thousands of U.S. autoworkers.

After spouting off about how terrible this situation is, the letter writer says: “I will not even consider owning a BMW, unless the company gives me one for free.” Oh — if it’s free, he’s OK with BMW. Wow.

Mark Davis
Perrysburg Township

New orthopedic center impressive
The new ProMedica Wildwood Orthopaedic and Spine Hospital in Sylvania Township likely will impress anyone who potentially needs this type of surgery and care.

At the facility’s Sept. 18 open house, many visitors appeared to be impressed with the latest in technology and patient care. I saw this project rise from the ground up through the final landscaping.

The community should be proud of what likely will be a prominent facility not only for Ohio but also for the country.

Dominic Napoli
Westowne Court

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