Kaptur, Kucinich too similar


I never would have thought that Democratic U.S. Reps. Marcy Kaptur and Dennis Kucinich would be fighting over the same political turf ("Tough fight awaits Kaptur, Kucinich," Jan. 8).

They, along with big unions, have been instrumental in driving businesses and people away from their districts. What they have done over the years now will cost one of them a seat in the House of Representatives.

Whoever wins this primary battle will continue to run the southwest side of Lake Erie in the same destructive manner as before, because they are so much alike.

They are both socialists. The exodus from northern Ohio will not stop.

Alan Kinker
Cherrylawn Drive

Restaurant grades are appalling

In your Jan. 9 Restaurant Inspections feature, the violations by one restaurant took almost the length of a page to list. Another ran about half a page. Why aren't restaurants shut down when there are that many violations?

The City of Toledo used to have a rating system. A letter grade was placed in the window of each restaurant for all to see. What happened to that?

How do restaurant owners keep the managers who work there if they can't keep their establishments up to code?

We should all read the inspection reports and not frequent establishments that have the most violations. It should be the duty of the inspectors to publish the names of restaurants that do not fix their violations.

Dale R. Perne'
Talmadge Road

Courthouse news was appreciated

Subscribers in Seneca County appreciate your excellent coverage of the destruction of the Seneca County Courthouse ("Courthouse time capsule opened during demolition," Jan. 13).

The wanton destruction of our heritage is really hard to accept. We're trying to find some positive direction forward.

Loretta Miller

Cordray article was an opinion

I was offended by your front-page Jan. 5 article "Obama goes around GOP for Cordray." This was an opinion piece that belonged on the editorial page.

Presidemt Obama went around the Democratic-controlled Senate. The nomination of former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray as the nation's new consumer financial watchdog was shelved in the Senate because Democrats could not get enough support to force a vote.

The Blade should look into the appointments made by President Obama during the congressional recess from a constitutional standpoint.

T.N. McGannon
Ottawa Lake, Mich.

Lawmakers should not be billionaires

The writer of the Dec. 31 Readers' Forum letter "Billionaires need to run for office" is headed in the wrong direction.

The United States was created to avoid the tyranny of a king. Today, American is ruled by a few hundred wealthy tyrants.

Instead of billionaires, we should elect people as representatives who have an average income of less than $50,000.

That way, we can feel fairly represented.

Norm Horner
Metamora, Ohio