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Letters to the Editor


Romney did win Michigan

In his March 2 op-ed column, “Did Romney really win Michigan?,” Jack Lessenberry is now questioning whether GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney won the Michigan primary. It’s a relatively simple concept — the person who gets the most votes wins.

Mr. Lessenberry states: “Add the essentially anti-Romney votes cast for Newt Gingrich, and Mr. Romney would have lost.” Perhaps Mr. Lessenberry thought this was a tag-team event. Following that reasoning, I wonder whether we would allow Messrs. Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul to serve a joint presidency.

Mr. Lessenberry makes the odd statement that Mr. Romney was in college while “other young men his age were dying in Vietnam.” Can I assume then that he was a strong supporter of John McCain over Mr. Obama in 2008, because Mr. McCain endured years of torture in a Vietnamese prison camp?

Mr. Romney was the winner. And even if The Blade closes its eyes and wishes hard, it can’t change the vote count in Michigan.

John Weber

Fulton Township

Obama’s policy on energy a joke

The President’s policies are a joke on Americans. His solution to our energy crisis, according to reports in the Los Angeles Times and Fox News, is to inflate our tires, get a tuneup, and study algae.

We have a vast supply of oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy, but it seems Mr. Obama doesn’t want to use them.

I hope the American people enjoy driving their Ford Fungi, Subaru Seaweed, or GM Algae.

Gwen Duvendack

Moncolva Township

Firms have a right to hire nonsmokers

Citizens have the right to use nicotine products, and businesses have the right not to hire those who do (“Casino’s nicotine-free stipulation wrong,” Readers’ Forum, March 3).

While the purchase and use of tobacco is legal, the use of tobacco is bad for a person’s health. Insurance companies are willing to offer businesses a cheaper benefit package rate in a nicotine-free workplace.

Health-insurance companies like to insure healthy people. Given the option of a better rate, more and more businesses are instituting a nicotine-free policy.

Those who condemn Hollywood Casino Toledo, or any other business, for being nicotine-free have to blame health-insurance companies for giving the better rate. And those who blame the insurance companies have to blame tobacco companies for selling a product that is bad for people’s health.

The final blame is on tobacco users for using a product known to be bad for their health.

Andrew Taylor


Letter actually promotes casino

What a wonderful promotion for the nonsmokers who represent about 80 percent of the adult population, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The casino’s managers should be delighted with the letter you published. They probably are hoping for more criticism of their smoke-free environment and nicotine-free employees.

Thomas Ricketts


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