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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Why rip Adrian's speaker?

Apparently freedom of choice goes only as far as radical leftists and the media agree. You criticized the administrative decision about a commencement speaker at Adrian College in your lead April 28 editorial, "Graduation speaker."

Since when does a minor dispute caused by a few rate lead-editorial status? Were there no other issues in the world worth your attention?

Giving credence to a small group of radical complainers bent on marring the greatest exercise in achievement for a college student -- graduation -- is unconscionable.

Fred Nofziger

Monclova Township

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Who's anti-gun? Try Democrats

On April 19 you ran a guest editorial headlined: "Who's anti-gun?"

I suggest an answer: the top echelon of the Democratic Party.

David Clark


Hotel's too fancy; stay in embassies

Most taxpayers can't afford to stay in the fancy hotel in Cartagena, Colombia, where the Secret Service stayed while President Obama was visiting ("Think the Secret Service scandal is bad? There's more to come," op-ed, April 19).

My wife and I stay in hotels, time-shares, or bed and breakfasts. Taxpayers shouldn't have to foot the bill for anything more than a Red Roof Inn, a Days Inn, or a Travelodge. Why can't our people stay in our embassies when they travel abroad?

Vic Beck

Sylvania Township

If Obama blamed, give him credit now

If President Obama's energy policies caused gasoline prices to rise, surely his policies are responsible for the recent decline.

Richard Schultz

Monclova Township

Cut election costs; fund help agencies

Cities, states, and the federal government must have taxes to fund programs to help those in need ("Shelters beg council not to cut their funds," April 19). If there is not enough work, there are not enough taxes generated through paychecks. It is simple math.

We should complain about money spent on helicopters, security measures, airplane flights, airstrip closings, Secret Service and military personnel, and other items for the upcoming presidential campaign. The federal government would have more money to allocate to those in need.

Unfortunately, we have little control over how and where our money is spent.

Sandra Ryan

Monclova Township

Vatican's chastising of nuns is wrong

Easter is a joyful time for most Catholics, but after reading your April 19 article "Blair to help lead reform of group for U.S. nuns; Vatican cites problems in stance on doctrines," much of that joy has faded for me.

The chastisement of these sisters is uncalled for. If the Vatican felt some changes were necessary in the sisters' teaching, it could have communicated that to them in a respectful way.

Considering all that nuns have done and are doing for the people of our church and our country, I don't think that is too much to ask.

Mary Helen Wright

Emmick Drive

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