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Letters to the Editor


Sales tax should pay for parks

I agree with Blade Editor David Kushma that the city needs to upgrade its parks and recreation programs, but I disagree with the proposal for how that should be financed ("Paying to spruce up Toledo's 'front porch,' op-ed, May 6).

Toledo City Council members Steven Steel and Lindsay Webb are proposing a 1-mill levy on the November ballot to raise money for parks and recreation. They cite Perrysburg, Bowling Green, Sylvania, and Oregon as other communities that support their parks and recreation through property levies.

Some sort of sales tax would be much more fair so everyone could foot the bill, instead of only homeowners through property taxes.

If all taxes applied to everyone, people would be more receptive to an increase.

Scott Clarke

Starr Avenue

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Why build Jeeps in Russia, China?

Jeeps will be built in Russia and possibly in China, according to the Wall Street Journal. Why should the iconic American Jeep be built in communist countries? Why not export Jeeps to Russia and China from factories in Toledo and Detroit?

Russia and China have set up trade barriers to protect their workers and economy. In Russia, the Journal article said, tariffs add as much as $22,000 to the price of a Jeep; in China, tariffs add as much as $37,000. Imagine if our government added $25,000 to the price of an imported Kia or Toyota to promote American jobs.

Chrysler LLC's Toledo North Assembly Plant has a long history of exporting Jeeps around the world. But with the rise of trade laws, the American worker is being unfairly treated when so many are looking for good-paying employment.

Paul Wohlfarth

Ottawa Lake, Mich.


Remember, Bush started auto bailout

Vice President Joe Biden came to Toledo in March, reminding us that President Obama saved the U.S. auto industry. Actually, President George W. Bush started helping the auto companies when he authorized $17 billion in loans to them in late 2008.

President Obama added help to the auto companies with his bailout package.

Chuck Childers

Atlantic Street


Bidens' charity unreported?

A letter writer said that charitable contributions made by Vice President Biden and his wife were below what one would expect based on their income ("Bidens' donations uncharitable," Readers' Forum, April 30). It's possible that the Bidens made more contributions that were not claimed on their tax return. The best charitable acts go unrecognized.

One purpose for reporting such contributions is to offset tax liability. Let's level the playing field before we pass judgment.

Sherry Shaheen


Pssst: Don't forget, Paul's in the race

In our democracy, how is it possible that a candidate can virtually disappear from the media? The Republican primary race is down to two candidates, yet you rarely hear about one of them ("And then there was one, except for maybe Ron Paul," op-ed, April 27).

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas is a viable alternative to the status quo and has a real promise of change using the Constitution as the foundation. People have to learn about his platform online because it's not covered by other media.

Republicans, Democrats, and those who are undecided have the opportunity to make a difference and join those who still believe that the election is up for grabs, despite what people hear -- or, more accurately, what people don't hear.

Stan Lehnert

Monclova Township

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