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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

The right whines over health ruling

So begins the whining of the right over the Supreme Court's ruling on health care. Charles Krauthammer, in his July 1 op-ed column, "Roberts upheld court neutrality," declares that Chief Justice John Roberts must have a split personality.

The court's say is final; whether it is right or wrong depends on which side you stand on. The court must have neutrality or it is not a court at all, but only an extension of the political party that placed most justices on the bench.

Mr. Krauthammer closes with the familiar battle cry of the right: Replace President Obama at all cost. He adds a new twist, that we must also replace Congress. A little cheese with that whine?

Jeffrey Clark

Grand Rapids, Ohio

Roberts' ruling shows restraint

For decades, conservatives have complained about liberal judges whose decisions they didn't like. They lobbied hard for conservative judges on the Supreme Court and got them through appointments in Republican presidencies.

Now conservative Chief Justice John Roberts has shown judicial restraint in his ruling on the Affordable Care Act. Some Republicans and conservatives are expressing dismay.

The real message of the Roberts decision is that people shouldn't run to the courts every time government passes a law they don't like. Instead, people should work to change the law through their representatives.

That's an idea that conservatives, moderates, and liberals should be able to embrace.

Robert Kelso

Sylvania Township

Health care a must for everyone

The comment by the writer of the July 4 Readers' Forum letter "Court added a form of taxation" that "some people don't carry health insurance because they don't want to" overlooks the importance of health care for everyone.

People are mandated to buy auto insurance if they have a car, so why shouldn't they be mandated to do the same for their bodies and minds?

Most hospitals and their emergency rooms do not turn someone away who requires medical attention, as the writer said. But it is misleading to say that hospitals or charities "will help defray the cost."

If the writer has health insurance, he and I pay for the uninsured. Invariably, our premiums increase and hospital and related medical costs also increase.

Under the Affordable Care Act, uninsured people who have financial problems paying for their health care will be offered subsidies to allow them to purchase health insurance. There is no subsidy to help them buy auto insurance. There should be no need to object to mandatory legislation for auto and health insurance.

Wally Pretzer

Bowling Green

Toledo Edison's service lauded

Toledo Edison is to be commended for its exceptional service. During a recent problem with our electrical service, we had to make many calls and have Toledo Edison crews come out over several weeks.

Every contact with them was prompt, friendly, and professional. At a time when service has deteriorated so much at so many businesses, this company deserves praise.

Dan Haines

Westowne Court

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