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A strong TARTA to meet job needs

As outlined in your July 12 article "Area 69th in jobs near buses; Toledo region is ranked worse than Detroit in access to transit," there is a strong disconnection between the location of new jobs and the labor force within our region.

The study from the Brookings Institution was somewhat flawed because it did not include the success of Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority's Call-A-Ride service, which last year had more than 120,000 suburban passengers.

But the findings of the report are true: Our community and region will continue to suffer as jobs are created in suburban and rural areas without public transit access, when the labor force lives in the City of Toledo.

Transportation to work is the No. 1 reason people use both TARTA and its service for the disabled, Toledo Area Regional Paratransit Service.

If our region is to compete successfully against other parts of the country, we must continue to build upon the success of public transit. We must not create more barriers, such as allowing communities to opt out, which works against the economic recovery of our region.

James Gee

General Manager Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority West Central Avenue


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Roberts wise like Solomon

If America has a present-day Solomon, surely he is Chief Justice John Roberts ("Ruling a mess for both parties," op-ed, July 4). Though his decision regarding the Affordable Care Act will rankle Republicans and conservatives, if they read past the headlines they may find considerable comfort.

Despite left-leaning sympathies suggested in his opinion, he has done the right an enormous favor. He has restored the health-care issue to a more prominent position in the presidential debate. Given the unpopularity of Obamacare and this administration's economic performance, keeping Democrats on the defensive is useful.

His pivotal vote will galvanize the Tea Party and less-conservative Republicans as nothing else could. Independents who are disenchanted with Mitt Romney may now find him far more palatable than the incumbent.

By granting the individual mandate legitimacy as a tax, he saddles Democrats with the burden of defending an enormous confiscation of disposable income. In dismantling the commerce clause rationale of the law's supporters, he denies the federal government the ability to compel individuals to buy something.

The chief justice knows that a lifetime appointment provides security to his position. Through a short-term sacrificing of his good name, he has slyly positioned this ridiculous law for rightful extinction. Solomon was never any wiser.

Bob Miller



Romney needs to tell economic plan

One hears Mitt Romney talk about how he will make the economy hum, but not one detail about how he will do it ("Romney rolls through Ohio touting economic optimism," June 18). Will he be a real leader and tell us how he will fix the economy?

My bet is that as another privileged kid who wants to make his papa proud, he will continue as a weathercock. We will be worse off as he weakens the nation by playing up our differences and not the things that bond us into an American family.

I met his parents on a couple of occasions. George Romney was a stand-up guy. His mom, Lenore, was a lovely lady, though in her pursuit of a U.S. Senate seat she seemed more in the thrall of others than her own convictions. Alas, so does her son.

Eileen Foley

Lowe Road


Romney's stand on health-care ripped

As a retired registered nurse, I am upset with Mitt Romney's promise to end funding for Planned Parenthood and health-care reform. If a woman needs preventive services and does not have the means to obtain care elsewhere, what does he expect her to do?

Women need to think long and hard about giving up our reproductive autonomy. Mr. Romney has offered no alternatives and probably won't, because he believes the way to get elected is to tell us as little as possible about his plans.

Health-care reform may not be perfect, but we need to start somewhere to get rid of the inequities. People who can't afford insurance premiums probably do not have money for a health savings account.

The free market has done a wonderful job of providing equitable care up to this point. But many hard-working people are going without insurance because they cannot afford it. This is an important election.

Jane Tank

Martin, Ohio


Domestic violence can be anywhere

I am curious why the focus of your news report on the tragedy in Blissfield, Mich., was the incredulity that it happened in, as a village resident was quoted, "quiet little Blissfield" ("2 sisters shot dead in Blissfield home; Sylvania man sought; 3rd woman injured," July 15).

Domestic violence happens behind closed doors in all communities. The real source of alarm is that people in our communities are not close enough to recognize women in danger.

People should get to know their neighbors -- get away from TV, get outside, and connect with real people. A life could be saved.

Carolyn Bernhoft


Pedicab rules needed a revamp

I'd like to clear up misunderstandings that have arisen from your recent article about pedicabs and the City of Toledo ("City council to consider new rules for pedicabs; 4 bicycle taxis on streets of Toledo's downtown," July 2).

I approached Toledo City Council and initiated the revamping of current pedicab rules. I know what can happen if there are no rules in place.

Fly-by-night operators, using substandard equipment and shoddy business practices, would create situations that would give the pedicab industry a black eye. The fallout would be ordinances against pedicabs.

By being proactive, the industry will flourish. Licensing and regulating the pedicab industry will ensure the safety of our residents.

Glass City Pedicabs has all the safety equipment necessary for safe and fun transport. Long before any legislation was discussed, my cabs were fully equipped, and I carried $1 million in liability insurance. The safety and enjoyment of my customers are of paramount importance.

City officials have welcomed me and worked with me to help my business grow. I thank City Council for its hard work and attention.

Maxwell Austin

Owner Glass City Pedicabs Parkwood Avenue

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