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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Politicians at root of health woe

Your July 18 editorial "Unhealthy vote" about the vote by House Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act speaks volumes. The words "hypocrisy and callousness" aptly describe big-time, paid-for politics.

The problem is elected officials whose votes are bought by selfish people of wealth who want their own way.

These are the politicians who, under President George W. Bush, ran up an immense debt, started two wars, prohibited Medicare from negotiating drug prices with manufacturers, and permitted themselves to accept "campaign contributions" from these same companies. They have jump-started an aristocracy in a nation that was born hating aristocracies.

The only way Americans can control runaway medical and drug prices is to buy their own (second-party) insurance, just like our home, auto, life, and all other insurances.

I encourage The Blade and other media to provide accurate information about the Affordable Care Act, its financial aspects, and the requirements for a healthy population. We do not need bought-and-paid-for-politicians to be the primary sources of (mis)information.

Ned Braunschweiger


Giver of order should be ID'd

Somebody with authority gave the order for the gun-walking operation known as "Fast and Furious" ("Display of contempt," editorial, July 3). Whoever gave the order should be exposed and held responsible. Our government should make sure that this sort of stupidity does not happen again.

John Sims

Talmadge Road

Modern not always the right way to go

The writer of the July 16 Readers' Forum letter "Post offices need to be modern" is wrong. Modern is not always best, especially when it taints something that is fine the way it is.

To receive a handwritten letter in the mail is personal and has a warmth that email does not have. Email can be good, but going to the mail box and finding a letter from a grandchild is exceptional.

The remark about the telegraph, horse and buggy, and black and white television caught my attention.

I would take my post office and postal carrier over the telegraph, but with the danger today of texting while driving, the horse and buggy era is something to consider.

Regarding the writer's slam on black-and-white TV, with what is on today's television screen, most programming is a detriment to today's families. I'd welcome the return of black-and-white TV programming in a heartbeat.

Sometimes "modern" can rob us of privacy and freedoms that we should work at keeping.

Karen Davis


Post offices still have a purpose

The letter writer thought post offices were obsolete and that anyone who didn't use a computer was old-fashioned.

I have a computer. I have not sent a message by telegraph or horseback. However, I contact my grandchildren by phone, birthday cards, and letters, because it is so much more rewarding.

The post office has a purpose.

Jack Gulvas

Spencer Township

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