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Letters to the Editor


‘Smog alert' sounds warning

Thanks for your Aug. 1 editorial "Smog alert," which highlighted the challenges that face Ohio's cities in reducing ozone and air pollution levels.

Green buildings and expanded energy efficiency programs are major components of reducing ozone and improving our air quality. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been working to clean up our air through a series of standards issued under the Clean Air Act.

The period for public comment on the mercury and air toxics rule and the carbon pollution rule has expired. Final rules are working their way toward issue and implementation.

With these rules, we will begin to see the incidence of heart attacks, respiratory illnesses, and asthma attacks drop by hundreds of thousands across the country.

Unfortunately, the efforts of the EPA to improve air quality are under attack. We must continue to support the EPA through our political process, including the election of senators and representatives who support the EPA.

I applaud The Blade for your coverage of these critical issues. All Americans deserve to breathe clean air and have their health protected from particle pollution.

Craig Black

Director Respiratory Therapy Education Program University of Toledo


Keep city pools; they're safe havens

Shame on Mayor Mike Bell for not fighting to save Toledo pools from demolition ("Councilman: 3 city pools should not be razed yet," July 12).

There was no safer environment for neighborhood kids to hang out during the summer than at their local pool, which also provided swim lessons, swim team practice and meets, family activities, and water shows.

Kathy Peace

Westchester Road


AR-15 not among fully automatics

Assault weapons possess selective fire that allows the operator to select between fully automatic and semi-automatic operation ("Assault-weapon ban would help," Readers' Forum, Aug. 6). Fully automatic firearms have been banned from ownership since the enactment of the National Firearms Act of 1934, and are only issued to military and law-enforcement personnel.

The semi-automatic AR-15 rifle has been available for civilian ownership for more than 40 years. It is a rifle for hunting, competition, and home defense. It is not an assault weapon.

Mike Weigandt

Oak Grove Place


Weapon ban? Move to Great Britain

We probably will not do anything about civilians' ability to buy assault weapons, because a ban would violate the Second Amendment.

The talk about more gun control and weapon bans makes me sick. How could citizens of this great nation even think of supporting an issue that could potentially take away the right to possess a firearm and protect themselves?

Our Founding Fathers gave us our rights. Our brave men and women serving in our nation's military are fighting to protect them.

Those who are willing to give up their right to bear arms should move to Great Britain.

Justin Mangold


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