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Letters to the Editor

Armstrong headline misleading

The headline on Gwynne Dyer's Aug. 28 op-ed column, "Obama pays homage to Armstrong; the reverse was not true," was misleading.

Neil Armstrong passed away and, like any other American hero, was given accolades by the President. That Mr. Armstrong disagreed with the President's decision about NASA has nothing to do with homage.

It simply means that he disagreed with the President's policy and, as an American who was closely allied with NASA, openly stated his position. Mr. Armstrong exercised his right to free speech.

I'm sure that if the President had passed away, Mr. Armstrong would have in some manner paid him homage.

Steve Cherry

Columnist's conclusions logical

Writers in your Aug. 10 Readers' Forum attacked Blade op-ed columnist Marilou Johanek, in part accusing her of having difficulty reaching logical conclusions ("'Mad' columnist doesn't get it," "Writer should challenge politicians").

One letter writer mentioned cutting Social Security and Medicare, but did not mention defense spending. We can cut billions of dollars from defense and still have the best military in the world. Republicans offer no help along that line.

I agree with the letter writer who said that politicians need to confront reality, and that raising taxes on annual incomes of $250,000 and above would not bring down the deficit. But it would help, and, more important, create a more level playing field. The top-down economic policies of President George W. Bush didn't work then, and won't work now.

Mr. Obama is having a difficult time repairing the economy. Republicans are fighting him every step of the way.

Louie Wagner

Outsourcing harms economy

U.S.-based companies that make products in China and Mexico cause more harm to the nation's economy than any terrorist could ever hope for. Japan is more loyal to America than those companies are ("Toyota Camry voted most American car; Factory site, parts source among factors for rankings," July 14).

My wife needed a new steam iron. The store we went to had three different makes. Each was made in China.

Congress should go on a fact-finding trip to retail stores across the country and check the labels to see where the products are made. Maybe then they will understand why the economy is so bad and unemployment is so high.

Howard Boyce
Deane Drive

Like Toyota, Jeep profits go overseas

The writer of the Aug. 15 Readers' Forum letter "Most American car? Profits to Japan" complained that the profits from the Toyota Camry go to Japan. Profits from the Toledo-built Jeep Wrangler go to Italy.

Eric Horvath
Martin, Ohio

Social Security: A friend to a friend

I recently helped a friend who was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition to file for Social Security disability insurance benefits. Within 10 days of filing, my friend's claim was approved.

It is nice to see that government helps people such as my friend get the benefits she helped pay for during her career.

Thanks to those at the Toledo Social Security office for their speedy work.

Michael Vanderhorst
Mapleway Drive

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