Weather constant; gird for worst


To understand whether climate change is causing increased extreme weather, I consulted the U.S. National Climatic Data Center ("Great Lakes climate," editorial, Aug. 20).

The state records for Ohio are: highest temperature, 1934; lowest temperature, 1899; most precipitation in a 24-hour period, 1995; most snowfall in a 24-hour period, 1901, and greatest snow depth, 1996.

An Aug. 29, 2011, Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change report concluded that "the data reveal there have not been any significant warming-induced increases in extreme weather events."

The report said that extreme-weather events are occurring at about the same frequency they did during the 1945-1977 cooling period.

Instead of vainly trying to stop extreme weather from happening, we must protect our societies by burying electrical cables underground, reinforcing buildings and other infrastructure, and ensuring reliable energy sources so that we have the power to heat and cool our dwellings as needed.

Tom Harris

Executive Director International Climate Science Coalition Ottawa, Ont.


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Amid Navy Week, 1 boat gave help

My husband and I loaded our family onto our pontoon boat to greet the ships coming in for the celebration of Navy Week ("Attendance for Navy Week tops Chicago's, Milwaukee's," Aug. 29).

As we neared the area where the ships were docking, our motor died. Coast Guard boats floated around us but offered no help. We began to drift. Still, no one came to our rescue.

Finally, a small pleasure boat offered to help. The people on board pulled us back to the Rossford marina, gave us a smile, and left.

I caught the name on the boat as it zoomed away, so wherever or whoever you are, "Irish Pirates," we thank you.

Judy Sikorski



Navy Week needed helpers, water taxi

Toledo can be proud of the attendance during Navy Week. It was great to see the restaurants at The Docks busy.

As a boater, I was disappointed that there were no dockhands at the restaurants to help boaters moor off each other. This would have allowed more boats to dock.

Even more disappointing were the beautiful docks at Promenade Park that went unused. With no water taxi available, boaters had no practical way to get across the river to the restaurants.

I hope that when the city sponsors future downtown events, the water taxi will be made available.

Thomas Bowers

River Road


It's parents' job to ensure attendance

As a parent and a 7th-grade teacher at Byrnedale Elementary School, I am confused by the statement at the end of an otherwise unbiased article on Toledo Public Schools and its problem with truant students ("TPS struggles with issue of truant students; Absences at core of controversy about state report card scores," Aug. 12). The reporter wrote: "Maybe schools can find better ways to get kids to show up."

I disagree. It's my job as a parent not only to make sure my child is prepared for school, but also to make sure he attends school on time.

It is the school's job to inform me if my child does not show up on time, or at all.

Suggesting that it is the school's responsibility to get kids to attend is as asinine as suggesting it's the pediatrician's responsibility to get patients to show up for yearly checkups.

Ashlie Dempsey

Sylvania Township