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Focus must be on Obama, spending

President Obama and complicit media are trying to make this election about Mitt Romney. But media focus should be on the President and his out-of-control government spending.

Mr. Obama promised to cut the deficit in half. Instead, he has added $6 trillion in new debt. If the President gets his way on full implementation of Obamacare, free benefits for illegal immigrants, and more stimulus, our economy will be overwhelmed with debt and collapse.

As we spend trillions of dollars we don't have, our credit rating plummets. Borrowing from China is increasing, which helps build its economy and fund its army.

The President cannot spend us into prosperity, but he can spend us into oblivion. Our descendants will be left holding the bag. If the media won't take the President to task, voters have the responsibility to do so.

It is not too late to return to America's founding principles. Mr. Romney and Paul Ryan have the know-how to reign in spending, strengthen our economy, and get America moving again.

Richard Ketteman


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Publishing camera sites aids criminals

You reported that Toledo Police Chief Derrick Diggs did not want to disclose the location of surveillance cameras ("Cameras cast eyes against Toledo crime; Worker at gas station says nearby installation reassuring," Sept. 9). Then you stated that you found the cameras and published their locations. Why?

Is it your policy that criminals have the right to know?

Delbert Bordner

Fairfax Road

Drivers need to know speed limits

The writer of the Sept. 10 Readers' Forum letter "Delay in ticket led to more fines" blamed the city of Toledo for additional speeding tickets because it didn't get the initial ticket to her fast enough. She drives on a public street for four years and doesn't know the speed limit?

If I were the judge hearing her appeal of the second and third tickets, I would suspend her license and order her to retake driver's education and the Ohio driving test. Is she oblivious to the posted speed limits on public streets?

What if another car was going through a school zone at 50 miles per hour? Would she go with the flow?

This letter writer epitomizes why red-light and speed cameras are essential. I hope the city installs more of them.

David Ringenbach


Hey, drivers, notice surroundings

The writer is correct to mention the delay in receiving her first speeding ticket from the red-light camera. What's disturbing is that she drives to work "without noticing the speed limit." Not being aware of your surroundings while driving is a mistake.

Marsha Horner

Springfield Township

GOP should put Bush to good use

After seeing the favorable reaction to former President Bill Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention, I feel that to be competitive in the swing states, Mitt Romney should invite George W. Bush to help in his campaign. Mr. Bush's help could be a major factor in deciding the winner of the upcoming election.

Dick Cheney


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