Election season is over the top


For Democrats and Republicans, the current election cycle is way over the top.

Look at the number of commercials on TV and the money being spent. Now there is talk of allowing even more private funding directly to the candidates.

It is ridiculous that campaigning begins almost as soon as one gets elected. Why not limit the presidency to one six-year term and be done with it?

The amount a presidential candidate can receive in contributions, and spending on advertising, should be limited to $25 million each.

Also, cut the campaign to 90 days. If you can’t convince voters in 90 days, then you don't deserve to be elected.


Orchard Trail


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Tax all sources of income

President Obama keeps harping on how some people aren’t paying their fair share of taxes.

All sources of income should be subject to taxation at the federal, state, and local levels.

If the source of income is from an entitlement, such as welfare, it should still be subject to taxation. My Social Security income is subject to taxation, and I am required to file a tax return each year.

Income is income, regardless of its source. Maybe this plan would help reduce the national debt.


Tulane Avenue


Can Romney afford a pay cut?

Now that we know how much in taxes Mitt Romney has been paying, it is even more vital we re-elect President Obama (“’11 tax returns revealed by GOP nominee; $1.95M, or 14.1%, paid,” Sept. 22).

We cannot afford to cut Mr. Romney back to the salary of the U.S. president.




Early voting? Have two sites

The solution for an early voting site in Lucas County is simple (“Expand voter options,” editorial, Sept. 11). There should be two sites, one favored by Democrats and the other favored by Republicans.