Portman should’ve refocused


Our nation is headed toward a debt-driven economic crisis, an Israeli attack on Iran appears imminent, and we are approaching one of the most important ideological elections in American history. Yet U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R., Ohio) chooses to write a column for The Blade about Asian carp infiltrating Lake Erie ("It's time to get serious about Asian carp," op-ed, Sept. 16).

I too am concerned about the carp, but aren't there more pressing issues facing Ohioans?

Senator Portman didn't explain how we might pay for carp mitigation efforts: raise taxes, take funds from an existing federal program, or borrow more money from China?

I've been a Republican for more than 40 years. It never ceases to amaze me how the GOP can be so poor at educating voters.

Jeff Reed
Norwalk, Ohio

Turn Asian carp into a delicacy

I hope some enterprising chef in the Great Lakes area seizes the opportunity to create a gourmet dish out of a debacle in waiting with the looming invasion of Asian carp.

Such a chef should get started now, so that by the time we are no longer the walleye capital of the world, we will be in the lead to make Bisque à la Bunk or Calamity Chowder.

David Georgia
Briarwood Lane

Labor Day letter missed the point

Perhaps the writer of the Sept. 19 Readers' Forum letter "Labor Day parade seems one-sided," who said she won't attend any more Labor Day parades in Toledo, will educate herself about what that holiday represents.

Why would she expect Republican legislators, who craft legislation designed to deny workers collective bargaining rights and union representation, to attend a Labor Day parade?

The parade honors those who fought to gain collective bargaining rights, a 40-hour work week, weekends off, overtime pay, a safer workplace, and many other benefits to provide working people with a better standard of living. Who does she feel was missing?

Nelson Haffner

Nonunion workers welcome in parade

Those who marched in the Labor Day parade appreciated everyone who came out to support them. I believe nonunion and small-business representatives and entrepreneurs would be welcome to march alongside us in the parade.

For Republicans and other-than-Democrat politicians, we look forward to your presence.

If you're an American worker, and not a member of a union, come to the parade next year. Introduce yourself to those marching in the parade, and allow us to invite you to march with us for one reason: to pay tribute to the source of our nation's strength, freedom, and leadership — the American worker.

Nancy Bacon