Let’s hear it for wealth, capitalism


You claim in your Oct. 3 editorial “... and don’t forget the poor” that Mitt Romney is clueless about poverty. Apparently The Blade is clueless about wealth.

How can you say that we all pay for the effects of poverty, yet remain blind to the ways in which we all benefit from the effects of wealth and success? People who make millions of dollars invest, give, and spend millions of dollars and pay millions of dollars in taxes. They also employ millions of people.

Capitalism, the engine that drives our economy, is grinding to a halt thanks to the socialist policies of the past three years.

President Obama’s idea of lifting people up is to foster even more dependence on ever-expanding social programs.

Mr. Romney is a smart businessman who knows that what’s really at stake is the preservation of freedom and capitalism, the means by which people can lift themselves up. He knows that doing away with the free enterprise system will hurt everyone, especially the poor.

If wealth and success are things to be embarrassed about, President Obama will see to it that none of us have anything to be ashamed of. Under his leadership, the Democratic Party has become the green-eyed monster your parents warned you about.




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Backing Issue 2 is a bad suggestion

How can you possibly support state ballot Issue 2, which has no accountability to the electorate (“Yes on Issue 2,” editorial, Sept. 30)?

Issue 2 would establish a redistricting committee whose members would be appointed. Their decisions could not be appealed or overturned. There would be no way to remove these people from the commission.

How stupid do those who came up with this idea think we are? Shame on the League of Women Voters for teaming up with unions on this issue.


Monclova Township


Issue 2 may lead to lawsuits

If Issue 2 passes, the loopholes in the language would make lawsuits a possibility.

Issue 2 would give the power of redistricting to a new bureaucracy that is not elected, but selected. The members of the commission would be unaccountable to voters.

Ohioans don’t need another bureaucracy People should vote no on Issue 2.




Keep lawmakers in mapping policy

Issue 2 is misleading and improperly named. It should be called: Appointees First, Voters Last.

If passed, a 12-person appointed board will redraw voting district lines any way they want. If the voter doesn’t like it, tough.

A no vote will continue to make our elected representatives responsible for district lines. Voters who don’t like the districts can tell their representatives to redraw the lines, or representatives will be voted in who will.


Lake Township