Mayor Bell first must fix streets


Before Toledo Mayor Mike Bell gives raises to his apple polishers, he should see to the repair of our crumbling streets (“Bell hikes salary for 55 execs, lawyers; Order sidesteps Toledo council,” Oct. 23). Driving down my street is like driving over a couple of hundred railroad tracks.

Mayor Bell is not doing his job. He has become a bully.


Clarewood Drive

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Bell’s wrong over officials’ pay

Mayor Bell is responsible for making business decisions, yet he continually proves he knows nothing about business (“Mayor bars city officials from evening meetings,” Oct. 12).

Most city officials are salaried employees, not hourly workers. Requiring them to limit themselves to a 40-hour work week is a disservice to Toledoans. Those individuals are paid to do a job, not to punch a time clock.

As an officer of a small business, I am expected to perform the functions of my position regardless of the time invested. If I approached my job from the concept of a straight eight-hour work day, my business and my livelihood would be in jeopardy.

The members of City Council obviously understand this. That’s why they schedule after-hours meetings and events.

Mayor Bell’s childish tantrum is proof that he doesn’t understand that in the real world, you don’t always get your way.


Copland Boulevard

Bell is acting like a dictator

Mayor Bell seems to forget that he was elected by Toledo residents, who are paying his salary and the salaries of his large staff. I didn’t think that when we voted for a mayor, we were voting for a dictator.

Perhaps it is time for a recall of this so-called strong mayor, before he does any more damage to our once-beautiful city.


Bucklew Drive

Bell, Collins should negotiate

This is not a good time for Mayor Bell and City Councilman D. Michael Collins to get into a petty argument over pay raises for the city’s top management personnel. This is a time for leadership, wisdom, and negotiation.

We want to retain good people and to be competitive with other municipalities. Mayor Bell and Mr. Collins should forget about their egos and work out a solution.


Barrows Street

A wild idea about disaster relief

Wouldn’t it be nice if Mitt Romney and President Obama donated their campaign funds to storm relief? I am such a dreamer.


Mellwood Court