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Oil council defends fracking

In response to your Oct. 17 editorial “Fracking’s big picture” : Ohio has a long history of energy production, as well as a bright future that will create high-paying jobs, raise living standards, and enhance our energy security. The oil and gas industry wants to demonstrate our commitment to safely and responsibly developing this resource.

Oil and natural gas companies use advanced technologies to construct their wells. Laws recently passed by the Ohio General Assembly hold the industry accountable to the most stringent set of drilling regulations in the country.

The industry is committed to safe and reliable exploration of deep shale reserves in Ohio and the rest of the country. We hope that energy exploration will create jobs, support Ohio’s economy, and enhance our energy security for generations to come.


Executive Director

Ohio Petroleum Council



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‘Perfect’ student can help mankind

St. John’s Jesuit High School senior Sean Wheelock scored rare perfect scores on two college aptitude tests (“St. John’s senior achieves perfect ACT, SAT scores,” Oct. 10). Students such as Sean are neither left-brained (more logical, analytical, and objective) or right-brained (more intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective). Instead, he has a brain in which both sides work together to socialize or solve problems.

He has a genetic gift that should not be wasted on trying to become the next billionaire, but to help mankind solve its many problems. Minds such as Sean’s should be used to try to cure cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, or even the aging process.

To students such as Sean, staying focused, remaining active, and setting goals higher than they ever dreamed possible are the keys to success.




Pemberville gives a nod to the rich

Your Oct. 14 article “Peaceful Pemberville has a split personality” was outstanding in showing people living together, respecting each other’s viewpoints, and discussing issues in polite and considerate ways.

The best part of the article was the quote from a resident: “We need rich people. They’re the ones who supply the jobs.”


Perrysburg Township


Troops in Japan, Germany a waste

Your Oct. 17 article “2 U.S. sailors arrested for rape on Okinawa, fueling local fury” said the United States still has 50,000 military personnel in Japan.

What for? The war was over a long time ago. Do we still have that many in Germany?

Talk about waste. What is the cost of keeping our troops in Japan and Germany?

We talk about bringing our troops home from Afghanistan as soon as they’re done training Afghan soldiers. Who are we training in Japan and Germany, or are these vacation spots for our lawmakers?


Spencer Township

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