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Letters to the Editor

GOP seems not to be listening

Your Nov. 8 editorial “Are you listening, GOP?” about the state of the Republican Party took the words right out of my mouth.

I am an independent who left the GOP about 20 years ago during the Republican witch hunt against President Bill Clinton. GOP leaders could not beat Mr. Clinton at the ballot box, so they tried a palace coup, and nearly succeeded.

The GOP should take the lessons of the 2012 election to heart and cast aside the right-wing radicals, religious and otherwise, and come back to a more centrist position. Then I might vote Republican again.


Bowling Green


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Why aren’t other businesses aided?

Your Oct. 14 article “Local harvest brings relief; Farmers avoid disaster because of soybeans, insurance” said that farmers would see relief from losses because of crop insurance. The majority of crop insurance will cover 75 percent of the farmers’ normal income.

Why isn’t government subsidizing all businesses from any imaginable problem? I own a small business. Changes in technology plus the Great Recession significantly reduced my yield. I’m not aware of an insurance or government subsidy for my losses.

We enjoy having government pay for losses because of storms, disasters, and the unforeseen. This peace of mind requires big government.




‘Wheelchair’ article lacking

Your Oct. 7 article “Wheelchairs ease past air security; Some travelers exploiting policy to avoid lines, aggravation” failed to mention that there are some valid medical reasons why an air traveler may request a wheelchair, although the traveler may be walking normally at the moment.

I am one of about 1 million Americans afflicted with Parkinson’s disease. Left untreated, the disease produces a condition in which the patient is unable to walk.

The most common treatment for Parkinson’s is levadopa. Unfortunately, the dosage level of levadopa is critical; too much and the patient is subject to flailing of the arms and legs; too little and the paralysis symptoms reappear.


Sylvania Township


Americans have good work ethic

The suggestion by the writer of the Oct. 2 Reader’s Forum letter “Where’s American work ethic?” that many of the jobs needed in the skilled trades are unfulfilled because of laziness needs to reflect.

A bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts degree does not qualify a person for entry into the trades. Once a person is unemployed because of downsizing, new technology, or plant closings, there are not programs or money available for training in a new field, particularly the trades.

The older and more experienced unemployed workers are, the less they are valued.

Those who have degrees and those who just a high school diploma are vulnerable equally.


Springfield Township

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