Why focus on race in levy count?


Why did you feel the need to break down the levy results according to race (“City, TPS face high bar getting public to pass levies,” Nov. 16)? Your article seems to insinuate that one race cared more about our children’s education than the other.

You should stop trying to create problems where there are none. Instead of trying to drive a wedge into the community, you should use your ability to be a tool toward a solution.

The constant negativity you display toward Toledo Public Schools and your baseless analyses need to stop. Printing some positive news would be a breath of fresh air.


Willys Parkway


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Dana’s business practices odd

Roger Wood, Dana’s president and chief executive officer, is concerned that the company must offset an estimated additional $24 million that the health-care reform law will cost the company over the next six years (“Dana sales slide $225M; 4th qtr. more of same,” Oct. 27).

That works out to $4 million a year. At the same time, Dana announced a share repurchase program for as much as $250 million worth of outstanding stock.

And some people wonder why American workers question big-business practices.


Middleton Township


Good riddance to talk-show host

It is good that Brian Wilson is no longer a part of WSPD-AM (“Controversial radio host off area airwaves; Wilson says he parted ways with Clear Channel Media,” Nov. 13). He was a smart-mouth bully who reminded me of kids in school who excelled at put-downs.

The programing on WSPD for the most part is bad. Maybe it is time for a change.


Highland Green Drive

Radio figure’s leaving lauded

One word expresses my opinion about Brian Wilson leaving Toledo radio: Hallelujah.

Maybe someday, WSPD will return to being the great talk radio station it used to be, rather than the one-sided, diatribe-spewing station it has been for the past few years.


Larchmont Parkway