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Letters to the Editor

'Happy Days' not so happy

Gail Collins’ Nov. 9 op-ed column, “Happy days, despite the cliff,” referred to the Romney voter as an older white guy.

I am one of those older white guys who voted for Mitt Romney. My vote was unselfish, cast for the benefit of my children and grandchildren.

With the white hair on my head comes experience. I know what happens to a government that continues to spend more than it takes in: It has a disastrous effect on future generations in the form of a lower standard of living, a decrease in services, and runaway inflation.

If our government continues on this course, the United States will become another Greece.


Oak Harbor, Ohio


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Fiscal cliff challenge looms

With our nation fast approaching the fiscal cliff, there will need to be give and take among lawmakers. It will be interesting to see how both parties negotiate.

Will President Obama ask government workers to sacrifice? They must pay their fair share too.

Public officials should remember that this situation affects our children, and our children’s children.


Pinestead Drive


Hey, Congress, compromise

We Ohioans were the deciding factor in the presidential election. Now, we should start a movement to end the partisan stalemate in Congress.

People should tell their elected representatives to learn the word “compromise.”


Delta, Ohio


Mr. Romney, where are jobs?

The election is over. It is time to work together. If Mitt Romney knows where the 12 million new jobs are that he talked about in his campaign, he should tell people who need a job where they can be found.




Romney still a sore loser

Mr. Romney is a sore loser who blames others. Now he blames President Obama for giveaways that allegedly bought his re-election (Mr. Romney’s disdain," editorial, Nov. 19). Mr. Romney’s corporate welfare is alive and well, giving us a reason to reflect on why we showed this elitist the door.


Ottawa Lake, Mich.


‘47%’ flushed future away

President Obama has been re-elected. America is in the toilet. The 47 percent had their hands on the flush handle.


Tulane Avenue

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