Settlements aren’t threat to Mideast peace


Your Dec. 5 editorial “Unsettling developments” asserts that the presence of Jewish communities in Judaea and Samaria — the West Bank — are the primary obstacle to peace between Israelis and Palestinians. This assertion requires the informed reader to ignore facts, logic, and history.

Palestinians rejected the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the Middle East when Israel became a sovereign nation in 1948. By refusing the United Nations’ partition plan, Palestinians also rejected the first opportunity for their own nation.

Instead, with the assistance of other Arab countries, they attempted to eliminate Israel. They lost. Thereafter, Palestinians participated in attempts to overrun and remove Israel.

In 2000, President Bill Clinton proposed a new set of parameters for a settlement. According to President Clinton’s memoirs, Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat rejected the proposal, which included the West Bank and parts of East Jerusalem.

It also resolved the issue of settlements by providing comparable land swaps for Palestinians. Palestinians proceeded to launch a terror war against Israel, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Israelis and Palestinians.

In 2007, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert proposed a comprehensive peace plan to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. President Abbas never responded.

Recently, despite Israel’s self-imposed building moratorium, Palestinians continued their policy of refusing to negotiate with Israel. This year, Palestinians indiscriminately launched thousands of missiles into Israel.

This past week, Palestinians violated the Oslo peace agreements they signed with Israel when they chose to repudiate face-to-face negotiations with Israel.

According to The Blade, these facts are irrelevant and the main obstacle to peace is Jews building houses. The Blade totally ignores 60-plus years of continuous Palestinian aggression and rejection. I find that much more unsettling.


Chairman Jewish Community Relations Committee Jewish Federation of Greater Toledo

Sylvania Township