A victoryfor women’s health care


Congratulations to Ohio Senate President Tom Niehaus, who realized that defunding of Planned Parenthood and the proposed inhumane law on abortion were neither wise nor compassionate (“Planned Parenthood bill blocked in Senate; Legislation also seeks abortion curb,” Nov. 28).

Those who will receive Planned Parenthood’s health services, especially cancer care, can look to a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Ohio will also benefit from this action, because fewer people will depend on Medicaid for their care.


Mockingbird Lane


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Planned Parenthoodneeds funding cut

Many organizations across the state have the ability to offer high-quality health services for women besides Planned Parenthood. They should have access to those funds.

When was the last time an audit was conducted of Planned Parenthood? It claims it provides breast cancer screenings, but it does not perform mammograms, which are the most effective way to detect breast cancer.

It is time to re-evaluate how federal funds are used statewide to serve the women of Ohio.




GOP lawmakers didn’t get message

Apparently Republicans did not hear the resounding repudiation of their attacks on women’s reproductive health care by the majority of American women on Election Day.

Planned Parenthood is the bedrock of health care for men and women. Cutting its funding would be irrational, short-sighted, and punitive.

The bright spot in Republicans’ unwillingness to end their war on women is that in two years we will have the opportunity to vote the Puritans out and send them back to the Dark Ages, where they belong.


Sabra Road


Why publicize traffic stops?

Why do you list where police are going to have a traffic blitz (“5 roadways targeted in enforcement blitz,” Nov. 13)? Police would catch more offenders if the targeted areas were not publicized.


Springfield Township