Economic hardball to hurt public


Republicans are playing hardball with their philosophy, just as President Obama plays hardball with his (“Nation to hit debt limit on Monday: Geithner warns of default as negotiators return,” Dec. 27). We are already over the fiscal cliff, and we haven’t hit bottom yet.

We can expect higher inflation, higher taxes, higher costs for goods and services, and less full-time employment. Employers will trim full-time employees to survive the Obamacare costs.

Both sides of our government need to compromise to solve this fiasco.

Will it be a Happy New Year? I think not.


Pinestead Drive


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Save on military, overseas bases

Voters re-elected President Obama, rejecting extreme right-wing fanaticism. But now the President supports cuts in Social Security (“Still time for fiscal cliff agreement, Obama says,” Dec. 21).

Where are the cuts to our bloated military? Why do we need military bases in Germany, Japan, and South Korea? Can we charge for our foreign military protection? Where is the competitive bidding for our Medicare drug plan?

It looks to me as if our elected officials are all the same, working for rich plutocrats.


Ottawa Lake, Mich.


Lawmakers like spoiled rich kids

Does anyone else think lawmakers in Washington are like spoiled rich kids? How can anyone feel they’re doing their best for America rather than what’s good for their parties?


Weston, Ohio


Where were jobs in first term?

During the presidential campaign, the GOP argued that taxing the top 2 percent would stifle job creation. Where were those jobs during President Obama’s first term?

House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio states that raising taxes on the top 2 percent will hurt small businesses. Undermining the confidence of American consumers and raising taxes on all Americans will hurt all businesses.

The top 2 percent should give a little more back to the country that fostered their success, while some concessions are made on entitlement programs.

Lawmakers should put politics aside and get this fiscal crisis solved.


Sylvania Township


GOP flaunts its arrogance

After losing a presidential election and losing seats in both houses of Congress, only Republicans could be arrogant enough to think that they have a mandate and the country should follow their lead.