Oregon school shift praised


As a parent of two Oregon City Schools students, I applaud the Oregon school board for its bold decision to put student achievement first by realigning the middle schools (“Oregon school board votes 5-0 to convert middle schools to intermediate, junior high schools,” Dec. 18).

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This decision shows courage on the part of the administration and the new board leadership. This adjustment will not be easy and calls for our entire community to assist in a smooth transition.

Change is inevitable, but success is optional.

We must continue to make brave decisions that result in positive outcomes for our children.




Dad lauded for organ donations

The father of Avery Glynn Bacon is to be commended for his kindness and compassion in the midst of a parent’s worst nightmare (“Baby dies; charge now murder,” Dec. 20).

After the horrendous death of his 6-month-old son, Jeremy Bacon had the courage and caring to opt for organ donation. Because of his decision, several other babies may be spared a premature death.

It took much love for others for this parent to put his grief aside and embrace giving life to another child.

This young father serves as an example of goodness in the midst of unspeakable sadness.


Sylvania Township


Noise-abatement walls suggested

The Ohio Department of Transportation studied plans for the new U.S. 24 for almost 20 years. Where are the noise pollution walls? The area between the Fallen Timbers State Monument and I-475, where I live, is experiencing an increase in traffic noise.

Along I-75 toward Dayton, there are numerous noise walls with no structures behind them. Yet at Fallen Timbers, there are about 20 homes situated only 50 to 100 yards from the highway. Why aren’t those homes given the protection of a noise barrier?

Along the same route, ODOT built a concrete lane divider for east and westbound traffic. Why? I have lived near the highway for 43 years and have yet to see a head-on collision. The concrete should have been used for a noise wall.


Monclova Township

Editor’s note: An ODOT spokesman said: “Because this area was an existing part of U.S. 24, ODOT was not required to investigate the possibility of a noise wall. Looking at the traffic pattern funneled by the new U.S. 24, ODOT will study the area to see if it meets federal criteria for noise wall installation.”


‘Happy holidays’ not truly joyful

Whenever I hear a sales clerk say “happy holidays” to each customer, I think that the store is only happy that I am buying something (“‘Happy holidays’ the right greeting,” Readers’ Forum, Dec. 23).

Store managers who do not allow their clerks to offer a different wish offer a sad example of what is happening to the spirit of the season. A new message needs to be expressed. I will use a special greeting to everyone throughout the year: “Have a blessed day.” Others should do the same.


Parrakeet Avenue