Time to recognize Palestine


Naftali Kaminski’s Dec. 9 Behind the News commentary, “U.N. vote offers hope for dousing Mideast fire,” deserves plaudits. As an Israeli physician and scientist, he has analyzed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict well from historical and contemporary perspectives.

It is unfortunate that both Israel and its loyal supporter, the United States, opposed the resolution through which the United Nations General Assembly approved Palestine as a nonmember state.

It is time to recognize Palestine to help the nation with self-determination. It is tiresome and self-defeating to listen to U.S. and Israeli leaders constantly indicating that no changes in the enduring Palestinian-Israeli conflict can occur without diplomacy.

Diplomacy is significant, but it always seems so one-sided in Israel’s favor with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in charge.


Bowling Green


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Don’t forget about Jordan’s role

S. Amjad Hussain, who wrote the Dec. 10 op-ed column “Israel should back a Palestinian state, or face a risky future,” should read Thomas Friedman’s Dec. 12 op-ed column, “‘Full Israeli experience’ is a live experiment.”

The fact that the largest part of the original Palestine is already an Arab state named Jordan is generally ignored.


Elmhurst Road


Cease-fire doesn’t go far enough

The world sighs with relief that a cease-fire has been brokered between Hamas and Israel. But some of us shake our heads, knowing that it’s just a matter of time before Hamas starts up again.

Media reports quoted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as saying that “now we must focus on reaching a durable outcome,” which would improve conditions for the people of Gaza and provide security for the people of Israel.

How can that happen when Hamas has stated that it exists to obliterate Israel? Does anyone really believe that a piece of paper signed by a terrorist organization secures peace for Israel and improves conditions for Palestinians?

When will the Palestinian people decide they have had enough of being pawns of Iran, Hamas, and other hate-mongering groups?

Only if they resolve to put their energies and focus on the well-being of their children and their communities, rather than on hatred of others, can there be peace and improved conditions for all.


Monclova Township


No pay until budget approved

Lawmakers should cut out all wages and benefits for the President, members of Congress, and their aides until they produce a balanced budget without debt.

Air Force One should be grounded. We need an executive, not a tourist, in the White House.


Hannaford Drive