Good to see NRC focus on plant


After enduring months of U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s ranting about the hairline cracks in the Davis-Besse nuclear power plant’s shield building, I found it refreshing to read the summary of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s findings in Charles Casto’s Dec. 16 op-ed column, “Ensuring the safety of Davis-Besse.”

Mr. Kucinich has no qualifications as an engineer and apparently not many as a politician, as the voters of the 9th Congressional District ousted him in last year’s Democratic primary in favor of Marcy Kaptur, who took a more balanced view of the problem.

The NRC had fully-qualified engineering experts and independent inspectors evaluate the issue. The conclusion: The shield building is safe and will function as intended.

Unfortunately, we probably will continue to see politicians speaking nonsense on subjects they are not qualified to address — most likely to keep their name in front of voters for the next election.


‘Sleight of hand’ on pike much more

I disagree with Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern’s “sleight of hand” reference to Gov. John Kasich’s turnpike proposal (“North Ohioans rankled by plan for turnpike tolls; Proposal to spread funds out catches officials off guard,” Dec. 17).

It’s not a sleight of hand. It’s a direct foot on the neck of our highway funding needs.

It will be interesting to see the Cleveland area’s response when people there realize that a “fair funding formula” for highway projects means they just got kicked into “The Other Ohio.” Welcome aboard.

There is no adequate funding without an increase in fuel taxes. But that takes courage and foresight — both sorely absent in Columbus.

Loudonville, Ohio
Editor’s note: The writer is co-chairman of the U.S. 24 Fort to Port Improvement Organization.

Pike complaints have merit

Steve Faulkner, an Ohio Department of Transportation spokesman, likened complaints from northern Ohio lawmakers about the turnpike plan to being offered a new car but not also a new house.

It seems to me it’s more like being offered a new car, but only getting to use the radio. While it may sound good, it won’t get you anywhere.

Crittenden Avenue

Toll booths for rest of Ohio?

I have an idea to generate money for road projects in Columbus and Cincinnati: Have those cities put toll booths along the interstates in their areas.

These tolls would be temporary and would not need to be collected once the road work was paid for.

I wonder whether the Ohio Turnpike Commission can pull off this scam a second time.

Perrysburg Township