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Gunman could have used a knife

In the wake of the Newtown shootings, the media have done their best to demonize gun owners. But last month, there was a stabbing at the University of Toledo (“Student, 20, dies in fight with roommate; 2nd man is seriously hurt; knife recovered,” Dec. 21). I refuse to let the media make me feel guilty about being a responsible gun owner.

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The coward used a car to get to the Newtown school; we don’t blame cars. He could have used an axe, a knife, or his bare hands against those children; the unarmed school personal would have been powerless to stop him.

Now there’s talk about banning guns. Guns don’t kill people; people kill people. Guns are not the problem.


Lake Township

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Knives hurt too, but guns deadlier

There were two acts of violence on the same day half a world apart: 20 children and six adults in Newtown, Conn., were shot and killed; 22 children and an adult were injured by a knife-wielding man in China (“22 Chinese children stabbed at school,” Dec. 15).

For too long, I have heard defenders of the Second Amendment say that if an attacker did not have a gun, another weapon, such as a knife, would be used. They are right and wrong.

Newtown shows just how much more deadly guns are. We must protect the most vulnerable among us from this type of violence. We can begin by developing sensible gun laws.


Bowling Green


NRA’s role should be discounted

The National Rifle Association’s suggestion to have armed guards in every school in America would be laughable if it were not so tragic (“NRA stands by armed guard plan; Gun ban won’t protect children, leader says,” Dec. 24). Why should anyone listen to its predictable response?

The discussion of school safety belongs to educators, community officials, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and religious leaders. When medical experts gather to consider strategies to prevent lung cancer, they don’t invite tobacco manufacturers. But NRA officials are brazen enough to invite themselves into this discussion, posing as experts, and hoping that more guns would be sold. That’s shameful.


Bluffton, Ohio


Limit gun sales to concealed-carry

Instead of punishing the masses for the actions of the few, why not limit gun sales to those who have concealed-carry permits?

Permit holders are required to go through training, pass tests, be fingerprinted, and undergo extensive background checks. This idea would make more sense than taking access to guns away from law-abiding citizens and ensuring that the only folks with firearms are those with criminal intentions.



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