Right-to-work shaky; just ask S.C.


Those who think right-to-work is a good idea for Ohio should read your Dec. 26 article “BMW finds success in S. Carolina,” which says: “BMW picked South Carolina because its people would work cheap. The state’s right-to-work law also meant employees could not be required to join labor unions.”

The article says that BMW didn’t bring the kind of economic kick that state officials had hoped. ”BMW and related industries couldn’t push the state from recession, as unemployment soared past 11 percent three years ago,” the article says.

So, when there are fewer people in Ohio stores and restaurants should right-to-work ever come to the state, remember that right-to-work does not equate with ability to spend.




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Grieving process indeed lasts

Dennis Bova struck a soft spot with his Dec. 27 op-ed column, “Ode to a mariner, and others who left us in 2012.” For me, the “Your loved one” blank space unfortunately is filled with the memory of my wife of 53 years who died on Nov. 4.

Like Mr. Bova’s son, I find myself still wanting to relate happenings of the day to her as we did when we would settle in for the night. I find myself occasionally reaching for her when I momentarily wake up.

I know these things will pass in time. I wish peace and happiness for Mr. Bova’s son as he goes through the grieving process.


Delta, Ohio


Sympathy offered for Gov. Christie

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie now knows how most Americans feel when elected officials turn their backs on them (“N.Y., N.J. leaders blast House GOP on storm aid; Boehner criticized for not bringing vote to floor,” Jan. 3).

I feel sorry for Governor Christie’s constituents who were affected by superstorm Sandy. The bottom line is we must live within our financial limits. City, state, and federal governments fail to live by those standards.


Erie, Mich.


Comparison to 1980s wrong

I presume that the purpose of your Dec. 1 article “Americans paying less in taxes than in 1980” was an attempt to convince your readers that, when taxes are increased, the increase is merely long overdue.

What a gravy train we have been riding. Not so. To imply that we are better off than 32 years ago is wrong.


Hagley Road


Lawmakers should be fired

We elect members of Congress and pay their salaries, so Congress works for us.

If this country were a business and if citizens were management of that business, management would fire Congress on the spot for nonperformance, insubordination, and irresponsibility.


Deepwood Lane